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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Monday February 9th 2015) we discuss:

SPONGEBOB 2 Soaks Up Weekend Box Office

NEIGHBORS 2 Approved With Returning Cast


First Look At Miles Teller In BLEED FOR THIS

James Gunn Reveals GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 Details

Will Intermissions Return To Movie Theatres?

Will We Ever See A STARSHIP TROOPERS Reboot?

… and live questions form the viewers!

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Alicia Malone says:

Straight outta Canberra! What. What. Thanks for watching!

Creative says:

Miri Jedekin is lovely

Max Clark says:

yeaaaaaah Kristian hosting!! not sure i could survive another Dennis

TannerWood says:

I hope Al Pacino is MODOK and is Star Lords father. Seriously, imagine
that. A giant floating Al Pacino head.

Creative says:

Wow that’s crazy Spongebob STILL going strong. I’ve been following the show
since 99, grew up on it and I’m truly amazed at how long running and
successful it’s been. I still know every line to all those old episodes no
matter when I watch em lol. 56 mill opening weekend?? Nuts

schmoesknow says:

Reading all the comments! Thanks for the love guys! Make sure to tune in
for the shows from Atlanta!! Starting tomorrow! -Kristian

oisin mcmahon says:

I must be the only person who thought Miles Teller was just okay in
Whiplash. Like I love Whiplash, I gave it a 10/10, I thought everything was
GREAT and he was just okay.

Jack Hawes says:

What about the Bafta winners? 

Joe Dante says:

“The lovely Miri Jedikin” Yup Harloff and Miri have something.

piratesfan1995able says:

Straight outta Compton is going to be mediocre. Look at the director. Last
movie was lass abiding citizen. Hasn’t really made a great movie. The
writers of the script are not great either. Doesn’t mean it won’t be good
but I would put money on it

oisin mcmahon says:

Great job hosting Kristien 

Mike Reis says:

Great panel! The only thing that could have made this panel better is Jon

The Wilfred says:

I would love to see Miri or Alicia lead the show this week, Kristian did a
great job.

clickmyvid says:

Who’s Campea?

dadarkknight36310 says:

I have notice Alicia has a little kinky side to her, I Lol when she licked
her fingers and acted as though she was fingering the V lol

Tebigong101 says:

I really like Miles Teller, I worry he’ll become a Hollywood darling, I
tend to lose interest in actors at that point. Another white leading man
with an excess of muscles who ends of marrying one of his white female love
interest co-stars.

Yeah, Mel Gibson deserves a comeback, because Hollywood doesn’t reward
enough white male racists, anti-Semitics, rapists, domestic abusers, etc…
The lesson is kids if you’re white you deserve a second chance no matter
how horrible what you did was but if you’re black or brown you should have
known better and Alicia and Miri will feel bad for your mothers.

Thank goodness Cleveland and Ferguson PDs saw fit to give those officer a
second chance a I right…

Ian Furnell says:

It’s official, confirmed, 100% true, Sony and Marvel have a CONFIRMED deal
to bring Spiderman to the MCfrickinU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Corrasa says:

I guess the Sony/Marvel Spider-man deal will be the big news tomorrow.

sexyvita88 says:

i prefer 2 see Mark Ellis host he so funny and Kristan seem to be so
obnoxious at times and i find it a turn off and it always good to have the
AMC girlz to have female perspective rather than 13 going 30 guyz comic
book geek-sensation to make movie prediction

stephen connell says:

Great team today! Well done everyone.

Joshua Herold says:

I think “Neighbors” getting a sequel is alright. It was an okay film for
me. Still waiting for a sequel to “We’re the Millers”. Have wait, & see
what transpires in a future trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy sequel to
get excited about who Star Lords father is, don’t want to give into
abductive reasoning too much. Intermission have gone the way of the
dinosaurs, not interested in a revival. “Starship Troopers” reboot would be
nice. Sorry Miles Teller doesn’t appeal to me as this boxer, hesitant about
him as Reed Richards as well just my opinion. 

Angel Gonzalez says:

Issue with marathons now, is that people are so quickly moving and do not
want to sit down and enjoy a theatrical experience

elgrandloco82 says:

I would’ve thought that the new Spongebob movie would’ve been the
character’s swan song, like the 1st movie was meant to be. However given
how well the movie is doing, making it to the top of the box office, looks
like Spongebob got more legs in him, makes me think Nickelodeon will keep
him around longer.

Bruno Loureiro says:

I don’t get all this love for 22 Jump Street. And your argument is
ridiculous: “It is very goos because it was suposed to be the same movie”

Patrick Shutt says:

Yeah don’t be like me and LOTRs: Return of the King, when I literally still
feel, to this very day, the scars on my bladder because of that movie and
the 11 + endings.

“Oh my god, thank you, it’s over. NOOOOOOOO Damn Peter Jackson! Damn you!
Curse you!”

84C4 says:

i have a feeling the problem with Edgar Wright had less to do with risk and
more to do with fitting the continuity. any risk taken by Edgar would have
already been approved when they green lit the project long ago.

Wreakerof Havoc says:

If anything Marvel wouldve had more trust with Edgar Wright bc he has a far
better track record than James Gunn :/

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