AMC Movie Talk – Matthew McConaughey Talks INTERSTELLAR, Jeremy Renner Says No HAWKEYE Solo Film

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Wednesday September 24th, 2014), we are joined by Chris Stuckmann, Dan Casey from, to discuss:

New Interstellar images and comments
No Hawkeye solo film
Miller and Lord in talks to do The Rosie Project
Speed 3 rumors
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Hollywood comebacks
Movies that leave you speechless
…and live viewer questions!

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Amirose Eisenbach says:

Glad we finally got the wonderful Chris Stuckmann on our show! Had a blast
with my fantastic panel today, hope you guys did too :) 

jdg20042001 says:

Wonderful seeing Amirose host again. Xoxo <3

27ShowStopper says:

Cannot wait for Nightcrawler!

AwesomeAverageBoy says:

Whenever amirose is hosting you know it’s going to be a great episode.

Dan Casey says:

Thanks again for having me! As always, I had a blast.

Dante Redgrave says:

Ummm, How exactly is Speed one of the best “worst” movies ever? It has a

27ShowStopper says:

Nolan is the best working director today (Scorsese and Spielberg are great
but Nolan has been making better films lately). He’s pretty much working
his way into the film Mount Rushmore. 

LetsGoAJay says:

come on guys I wanted Chris Stuckmann v. John Campea

Marc McFly says:

hire Stuckman permanently! He is just awesome :)

Adam Sterling says:

Amirose has such an infectious smile. Super cutie!

Ohilodude says:

Snowpiercer left me speechless. That movie is amazing.

Michael Ray says:

Amirose great too see you! Two days in a row what can I say but brilliant!
You assembled a awesome panel for today show and with you and captain chair
its even better .You enjoy the rest of your day have a great weekend! Bye
and take care!

cmurphylife says:

I don’t want to see a Hawkeye solo movie but I wouldn’t mind seeing a
Hawkeye & Black Widow movie. Even as a prequel to what happened in Budapest
or some other adventures together before joining the Avengers. 

Bob Baggins says:

pride and prejudice and zombies is actually a book by seth grahame-smith (a
mash-up with the original jane austen novel). fun fact, seth grahame-smith
wrote the book abraham lincoln, vampire hunter (which is AMAZING) that the
movie (which sucks) is based on

arshath zameek says:

Yayyyyy Chris! 

Alex Yazdanov says:

Whyy soo latee guyss and when you guys gonna do another Movie Madness

FinalFilmComment says:

Same panel tomorrow, please?

Cj Stevenson says:

Chris seems very tired. 

timmian85 says:

Mel Gibson FUCK YEAH!

Marshall Math Hurts says:

I love Chris Stuckmann, like this comment if you discovered him from the
Enemy analysis.


Well done Chris

cmurphylife says:

Well I broke down and actually rented The Amazing Spider-Man 2 the other
night. I was not a fan of the first movie so I wasn’t expecting too much,
especially from the reviews and people bashing it to no end.

To keep it as short as possible, I will say that it was not as bad as I
thought it would be. It was far from a perfect movie and again they crammed
in too many villains but it wasn’t the trainwreck I thought it was going to
be. I thought Electro was going to be way cheesier but he also wasn’t that
bad, but he basically had the emotional level of a 6 year old. His
personality was pretty stupid but he was pretty cool when he used his
powers. Green Goblin could have been better if they saved him for the
sequel but his story was way too rushed. Rhino was stupid but he was a
throwaway character just to have someone for Spidey to fight and show he
was back after disappearing for a while.

The best part of the whole movie was the relationship between Gwen and
Peter. They did a great job with it and in the end you really felt the
impact of what happened, I was actually tearing up. Garfield was also more
tolerable this time and wasn’t as much of a skateboarding, smart ass,
hipster as he was in the first. The action sequences and FX were much
better this time as well.

I guess if I really thought about this movie harder I could easily tear it
apart but I found it fairly fun and entertaining. It is by no means the
best Spider-Man movie but not the worst either. I’d give it a 3/5. 

Ch1kky says:

Damm!!! I had so much fun in this episode!!! Plz get those two back, and of
Ami and John you always rock.

Josh Pesek says:

One of my favorite AMC MovieTalk episodes of all time.

SoulBrothaMak says:

This qas a great show with great energy. Hopefully I get my questions
answered on MailBag one though…

Ruston Henry says:

Amirose leading the charge!! It’s like reverse Charlie’s Angels!! lol

Morgan Chan says:

One of the best AMC Movie Talk episodes ever. 38 minutes of pure fun.
Awesome panel of guests and Schnepp almost made me spit out water at the

Franck TheGaijin says:

And love when Amirose is hosting…. sorry John

Jonathan Chesser says:

Awesome seeing Amirose hosting again. Great job, and looking gorgeous as

Chris Webb says:

id definitely pick mel gibson for a comeback. there was a time when he box
office gold, wether it be acting or directing. braveheart was beyond
amazing and stands as my favorite film of all time, hands down. i was a fan
then and yes he’s made a ton of mistakes but beyond his personal issues im
still a fan today because of his work. and i would love to see him make a

Beast Lee says:

Kathryn Heigl needs to make a comeback ….being Wonder Woman coulda did
that for her

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