AMC Movie Talk – Hawkeye Officially In CIVIL WAR, CHAPPIE Sort Of Wins Box Office

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On this installment of AMC Movie Talk (Monday March 9th 2015) we discuss the following:

CHAPPIE Takes Box Office
Jeremy Renner confirmed for CIVIL WAR
STORY OF YOUR LIFE lands Renner & Adams
Octavia Spencer joins THE SHACK
No Marvel at Comic-Con this year?
Jake Gyllenhaal or Rosamund Pike
How to replace Harrison Ford
… and much more

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M4TRIXed says:

American Sniper proves how dumb Americans are and how stupid their love for
their stolen country is… Bunch of hypocrites. Praising a murderer as if
he was some God or something. Meanwhile they cry over the smallest things
other people do. 

QLCHerald says:

AMC! I am sick and tired of your Marvel movie bias! Talk about fun and
relevant DC movie news like…………………………..OH!

rurutu M says:

person most likely to die in Avengers AOU is Nick Fury. Samuel L Jackson is
66 years old. he’s been with Marvel since IM1 his contract is probably up.
Avengers civil war might be Cap and Tony fighting for which way the
Avengers go now that their leader Nick Fury (Fury is the leader of Avengers
in the MCU he was the brains that brought them together) is dead killed by
one of Tony’s creations. 

Oisín McMahon says:

There goes that theory of Hawkeye dying. I’m glad he’s getting more screen
time. He’s my favourite marvel character. 

Sickentist says:

well hopefully the Jeremy Renner news is the actual misdirection,
considering many of us were hoping Hawkeye would be killed off. He’s a
boring character and also Renner’s whiny attitude about his role in the
first Avengers was extremely off-putting. Screw him.

bsbgirl85 says:

I still don’t see anyone dying in AOU, at least not a major character or
Avenger. If someone dies I can see it being Rodey/War Machine and I would
hope their not dumb enough to kill off Nick Fury. When I first saw Cap 2 I
was like “I hope the weren’t stupid enough to really kill him” and was glad
when he was shown alive. So if someone goes and it’s one of those two I
will be sad, like both characters and the MCU needs more diversity.

shake Perez says:


TannerWood says:

Anyone hear that the new Spider-Man might be 15? Latino Review is saying it
so idk if it’s true or not. Idk if I like the idea tho. I’m all for a young
Spidey but I was thinking more of 18-22 range. Idk too many 15 year old
actors that are really good. Plus actors that young will sometimes come off
as annoying.

Sam Ash says:

And they say Batman V. Superman is crowded…..

Oisín McMahon says:

I’m fine with Marvel not going to Hall H. If anything, they should do more
things like the phase 3 announcement. I enjoyed that ALOT more then comic
con 2014. Like what did we get at SDCC, discount xena? Josh Brolin eating
flowers? A selfie with the mute Trinity? A game cut scene of batman turning
on a light? An awkward ant-man panel? Compared to SDCC 2013, SDCC 2014 was
awful. Look at SDCC 2013, the amount of history made at that event was
AMAZING (which is funny because Empire magazine preferred the loki part
more then the BVS part). Meanwhile at the Phase 3 announcement (compared to
SDCC 2014), you got casting announcements and you all of phase 3 with their
own titles and plot details.

Do more marvel centric events. Because you get to do more to do and do it
the way you want it to do and you own the news headlines for weeks on end. 

Capt. Steve Rogers™ says:

The last question was the most dumbest and stupidest question ever!

Drake Santiago says:

If it is true, and Marvel is going to be absent from Comic-Con, then Warner
Bros./DC better capitalize off of the situation, and pull out all the
stops. DC has no excuse to be overshadowed by anyone, considering they have
one of the most anticipated films of 2016 – Batman vs. Superman – as well
as no competition from Marvel at Comic-Con this year. 

R.L. Williams says:

I’m 86% certain War Machine is gonna die. There’s no more Iron Man movies
and fans aren’t clamoring to see him again. It sucks because Black actors
in movies barely get a chance to interact with each other and I really
wanted to see Black Panther, Falcon, War Machine, and Fury in a room

Asc Kurosaki says:

I think black widow is gonna die.

TheGamerGirl2330 says:

I have 2 theories on why Marvel won’t be at Comic-con
1-They don’t have enough to show for either Civil War or Dr. Strange or
their TV/Netflix shows
2-They realized that the Marvel event was more popular than their Comic-con
panel was last year so maybe they’re gonna try something different.

TheGreatOne313 says:

I’m honestly surprised by Chappie. I thought they marketed well enough even
if it was a bad reviewed movie

David Theriault says:

Why did all these guys hate Dark Knight Rises so much? Bane was so awesome.
It was a great closing to the Nolan Batworld.

Ezekiel Deleon says:

Dam straight CHAPPIE won hahah Absolutely loved that movie ! gonna go see
it again for the third time ha !!! 

Ryan Cudd says:

is safe to say that since its called Captain america civil war that cap is
right and just in this movie? it is his movie so how could he be wrong.
plus if this movie rips the dark knight returns in how caps team fights
iron man i might blow up marvel.

Joey Marlin II says:

No one cares about Hawkeye. Please just kill him off already.

Sankalp Sharma says:

I don’t quite get why people don’t like the TDKR. Not the best of the trio
but certainly better than Batman begins in terms of scope and scale.

Also let’s do a quick fact checking exercise shall we: 8.5 on IMDB, with
close to a million votes, 88% and 90% on rotten tomatoes (critics and users
respectively) and over a billion dollars in revenue. I’m sorry folks if you
didn’t like the TDKR you are probably in a very small minority.

Puntobaby1 says:

I wish Marvel would stop announcing characters in upcoming movies. I
remember a time when trailers were the only way to see who’s in a movie and
if the movie got a sequel you wouldn’t know much about it until that
trailer came out. Announcing so many films and all the characters in the
films takes away any threat or tension that a character might not make it.

cdfreester says:

Comic-Con hasn’t been about comic books since the 90’s. It’s become
Hollywood South for showing off every kind of movie and game remotely
related to comic books/fantasy/sci-fi. How many comic book dealers do you
really see on the exhibit floor? Not many the last few times I was there.

Knightfall182 says:

Aaron Eckhart as Indiana Jones. Looks like young Ford.

Patrick Adams says:

12% chance that Stark dies…..
Marvel will be at Comic Con they can’t afford to let DC have it all there
own way,full trailer for BvsS and a JL teaser is probably what you will get
from DC.
Marvel will drop the final Ant-Man trailer and throw out teasers for
Dr.Strange and Civil War

Spoon84 says:

more ppl go to NYCC anyways, hopefully they will make an appearance there

Oisín McMahon says:

No John, no. You’ve already said this a MILLION times. They will never kill
iron man. Unless it’s like the last movie ever in the series (which they
should have done with Batman in TDKR), they won’t kill him.

But if they did, I’d laugh. 

Bryan Lomax Movie Talk says:

The Shack is based on a book by a Christian author. Spencer does indeed
play God but we should be hearing some more casting news about it at some
point because there are also another two people that the guy meets at The
Shack who represent Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The book is essentially
about this guy questioning the three of them as to why they could allow
what happened to his daughter to happen.

Renwick Davis says:

I read the book “The Shack” back in high school and it was actually God
trying to help the father cope with his daughter’s loss. We also see Jesus
and the Holy Spirit also in the book and delves into the Holy Trinity and
all that stuff. I remember liking it. Entertaining read about a father
trying to cope with loss.

rocket raccoon says:

John is tripping balls if he thinks that A) Iron Man is dying B) The studio
has wasted all this effort promoting him as a part of Civil War without him
being in there and C) They could actually keep it secret. Plus Civil War
works so well because of the main conflict between the 2. Cap is oldschool,
Stark is a futurist. There’s no character that’s going to juxtapose Cap as
well as Iron Man.

oooSKYLIGHTooo says:

So I was wondering… barring American Sniper (which no one saw coming) are
movie goers possibly saving their cash for the big box office smashes later
in the year, instead of representing other movies in 2015, or do you think
your average movie goer isn’t that aware of the massive arrival of the 2015
movie expectations (Avengers, Star Wars, etc)?

TDSM8 says:

I know this wasn’t quite a topic of discussion but I think Chris Pratt
would be great as the next Indiana Jones for one reason (one because I only
need this one, not because there only is one) Christ Pratt, like Harrison
Ford, is very good at subtle facial expression. And the facial expression
that they both utilise a lot, that made us love Han Solo, Indiana and Star
Lord is the “why me?” expression when stuff goes wrong. That’s why it needs
to be Chris Pratt.

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