AMC Movie Talk – From Atlanta With Live Studio Audience

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The AMC Movie Talk crew went out to Atlanta and did a meet and greet and live recording of AMC Movie Talk for a special night. Watch it here!

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Starshine Frost says:

My rankings on the Spider-Man theatrical movies.

1. Spider-Man 2 (TM)
2. Amazing Spider-Man 1 (AG)
3. Spider-Man 1 (TM)
4. Amazing Spider-Man 2 (AG)
5 Spider-Man 3 (TM)

Spider-Man 2 (TM) is by FAR the best of these five movies.

Amirose Eisenbach says:

Thanks for watching our Atlanta edition Movie Talk, guys! Hope we can come
to your city soon :) 


How about Peter Parker got bitten by the spider around the time of the New
York Invasion and it inspired him to become a hero himself since he was
given gifts. Therefore, when he’s younger and like 19 and he meets the
Avengers, he’ll act as if they’re heroes to him. I think that would be a
cool dynamic.

Kadafi69 says:

Why does Campea think Marvel would let Sony have that much creative control
still and risk them botching another movie which could possibly affect the
Spider-Man incorporated Marvel movies

Marvin agyeman says:

I didn’t think Jamie Fox as electro was bad at all. His Max dillon wasn’t
his fault but I loved his electro. I thought it was very different to have
a villain ‘snap’ they way he did in Times Square.

jaygiant88 says:

Spider-man 2 was not that good. I don’t understand the love.

Hallucinogen X says:

I can never understand why people liked The Amazing Spiderman 1.It is
easily one of the worst superhero movies ever made.I actually thought TAS 2
was a tiny bit better than the first one.

Justice Suks says:

I do wonder about actors contracts with crossovers, let’s say Chris
Hemsworth appered in a Sony Spiderman movie, would it be using up one of
the movies he’s crontracted to do with Marvel or would Sony need to make a
new contract? Would the new Spidey sign two contracts?

Gabriel Ortiz says:

John needs to cut back a little on the talking. At points it felt like the
others were just there to fill the stage. No hate, just pointing it out
because it does kind of bug me.

oisin mcmahon says:

Sony did a kickass job? The amount of canceled movies that they’ve done and
IF they were kicking ass, they wouldn’t NEED to combine with marvel. 

HeatVisionEntertainment says:

Dane DeHaan SHOULD return for Sinister Six. Such an underrated actor and I
thought he done an excellent job. However no Jamie Foxx or Paul Giamatti.
Personally I don’t want Electro or Rhino for the Sinister Six movie. 

Final Flame Productions says:

This show is obsessed with comic book movies. Literally 80 percent of every
show ends up being about comic book related things.

Widen your interests.

Timbulathespidermonk says:

Could not agree more with Dennis about Todd McFarlane. Awesome artist. I
have a poster of his cover of Spider-Man #1 (Torment part 1) on my study
wall and four shelves of various McFarlane Toys (mostly the Movie Maniacs
collection and the Anime inspired ones). However, being a good artist
doesn’t mean he can write a good story. I’d love to see a good film version
of Spawn, but if Todd is writing I’d stay away.

Chris Wilkinson says:

A movie shouldn’t change anything if it’s based on a true story imo

Isaiah Savoie says:

am i only one happy that John brought the mic up just for his lttle “hmmm”

Nick Hardiman says:

+Amirose Eisenbach Great job on the show today (or I guess last night for
you guys)! If you guys decide to do another one of these, you should come
to the AMC Marlton 8 in Marlton, New Jersey or the AMC Loews Cherry Hill 24
in Cherry Hill, New Jersey (both are 30 minutes away from where I live) or
even the AMC Philadelphia Mills 14 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (which is
about 40 minutes from where I live). It would be pretty cool to meet and
talk to guys sometime one day.

Creative says:

Ok it’s official. I’m convinced I’m the only person on Earth that still
thought Spider Man 3 was a solid movie lol

jaygiant88 says:

First Class sucked.

Frank R. Haugen says:

A Star Wars standalone would be a Mace Vindu origins story, written and
directed by Tarantino, with full creative freedom. t should be done in 2
versions , one family friendly and one ultra violent like Kill Bill :-D

You’d satisfy the SW fans and Tarantino fans. Also doing SW movies of the
Shadows of the Empire and Dark Forces video games would be great :-D

blackrock316 says:

I think there are some people out there that are excited about a Spiderman
movie but at the same time don’t realize that they are spiderman fatigue.
Whatever they are doing for the new Spiderman movie needs to be completely
different from any of the previous Spiderman movies in the past. I think it
would be better if they show that he just started college and is struggling
with his grades due to being Spiderman. This whole high school Peter Parker
is a been there done that situation. 

Josh Courtade says:

Im kinda of confused so is the stand alone spiderman movie 2017 going to be
part of the mcu or is it going to be its own universe, and if so are the
spinoffs going to be part of the mcu as well.

Gianluca Giordimaina says:

My opinion on Spider-Man films.

Spider-Man(2002)-This film is cheesy but it really is just part of the
charm of these films. Peter Parker is done right, he isn´t a caricature of
what people want Peter to be like the Andrew Garfield’s and Tobey Maguire
plays him like he is in the comics. The film is really in touch with its
emotional side and really takes more time to flesh out the characters and
villain than on the action. Plus, there are so many iconic scenes in it
that pop into anyone´s head when they think of Spider-Man no matter what
the medium.

Spider-Man 2(2004)-This is awesome. It really explores not only Peter
Parker but I honestly think, alongside Kick-Ass and The Dark Knight, it´s
one of the defining examinations of what it means to be a superhero. It has
awesome action scenes, but they are all plot driven. The best thing I can
say, is it really feels alive to me, it has pulse and a charm and
personality. Oh and oh my god the soundtrack is awesome

Spider-Man 3(2007)-I honestly don´t hate this movie. The action scenes are
fun, the characters are still better than most comic book films and the
dance scene isn´t horrible it achieves exactly what it wants. I can give a
pass to Venom but it still did suck. This movie really tries to, and Raimi
gave this movie his all and thats more than I can say for most superhero
films, including the next two i´m gonna talk about.

The Amazing Spider-Man(2012)-Terrible villain,nonsensical plot that seems
like the writer just improvised as he went along. It introduces characters
and plot points and then drops them, uses plot devices that are laughable
at best and the story seems like it was thought up in 10 minutes. Peter
Parker here is just a caricature of what Sony thinks teenagers and young
adults want to see in a everyman hero. The soundtrack is completely
generic, its visual style is throwaway, and revisits way too many points
from the 2002 film to justify this film films existence.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2(2014)-Peter Parker is made even more of a generic
hipster 20s something guy, what a surprise Sony! This thing´s got the story
of a terrible video game, characters that are just cartoon characters and
really are pitiful. The worst soundtrack Hans Zimmer has ever done. The
directing is numbing, repetitive and plain annoying. The romance is cute
but starts to just get generic and sounds like Bad Lip Reading video at
times. The plot of Peter´s parents doesn’t make sense and is really only
there so they can say there are different than Raimi films, and the Rhino
is completely butchered. ASM and ASM2 are easily worse films than all three
Raimi films, yes even Spider-Man 3. There are so many reasons but mostly
they are just lazy, cash grabs, with no passion at all behind them

Hallucinogen X says:

I never bought the idea of a Suicide Squad movie without Spiderman but now
i think were going to get a Sinister Six with Spiderman but i still don’t
see how they’re gonna do it.Spiderman will probably have no villain in
Civil War,he’ll get his solo movie out in 2017 and he’ll have a villain in
that movie,then the next movie will have him face off against the Sinister
Six straight away?Sinister Six is made up of villains who’ve tried to
defeat Spiderman for years but have been unsuccessful and therefore team
up,you can’t introduce these villains and have them team up in the same

Omar Correa says:

Of all the UFC Q&A’s you’ve seen +John Campea you didn’t think to give the
audience a mic to ask the questions? :)

Isaac Johnson Caddell says:

From worst to best:
Amazing Spiderman 1 (Boring, cynical, and a complete rehash of the original
Maguire film
Spiderman 3 (Not as bad as everyone says, as it is tonally consistent with
the other two and is very entertaining to watch.)
Spiderman 1 (Really good blockbuster fun, funny acting here and there
however Raimi injects it with a sense of passion and personality which
draws me in massively)
Spiderman 2 (Great superhero film, fun, action packed and actually has a
good sense of character development and study. Also Doc Ock is a
wonderfully tragic and compelling villain)

I have not yet seen ASM 2 but I imagine if I did it would rank pretty low.

Noyze says:

John Campea is the only one who actually says he likes The Amazing
Spiderman 1. The others just nod or say yeah as casual agreement, but even
then nobody goes into any detail about what was good about it. The Amazing
Spiderman was a made up story with a average actor playing it and a very
unrealistic villain even by comic book standards. There’s noway The Amazing
Spiderman 1 was better then Spiderman 1 (2002).

Another thing, just because a sequel is bad doesn’t mean the original was
good. I love Spiderman but we as fans tend to overrate his movies because
of our love for the character. Campea said Spiderman 2 was a top 5
comicbook movie of all time. Ok, that’s easy to say without actually naming
them. Most people don’t wanna do that with an audience. Not in any order:

The Dark Knight
The Avengers
Superman II (Christopher Reeve)
Guardians of the Galaxy
X-Men Days of Future Past
Batman Begins
Man of Steel or Captian America 2 (Which ever you liked better)

I gave you 7 to pick from, which 3 was the movie Spiderman 2 better then???

demongawl says:

Dennis actually there was a HUGE battle in that village rescuing Marcus
Lettrull, a helicopter got shot down, Marcus said that fight was bigger
than the fights he went through. Also it was at night, and he didn’t stab
anyone. Please fact check when talking about someones service before you
put bad information out to your thousands of fans. Thank You.

Tebigong101 says:

The Sinister Six are not the kind of villains the Avengers fight, they are
more Spidey’s fare but does this reflect on the Netflix heroes at all.
Though it’s a shame now that they mention it, no Dane Dehaan or Sally
Fields if we get JK can we…

I wish Fox could come to a similar arrangement they can appear in each
others movies. They don’t need big crossovers, because up until the last 15
years the X-Men have been doing their own thing and the occasional member
or squad would interact with the wider superhero community. The real
benefit would be to have small things like having Wolverine appear, or Tony
Stark consults Reed Richards or Beast or T’Challa or Pym.

Yeah prequels tend to be disappointing.

LBJ played his part in civil rights but Selma rightly focused on the people
who were getting their ass beat on that bridge. Least we make yet another
movie about black people with a white savior.

I don’t want Miles Morales as anything other than a Spider-Man, it’s
cheating his fans otherwise. Don’t make Miles into Rice A Roni.

keybladechosn1 says:

I’m about to BLOW YOUR MIND:

If Sony and Disney/Marvel can make nice nice and crossover, who says Fox
and Marvel and SONY can’t make nice nice and crossover. AND if Sony, Fox,
and Marvel can make nice nice and crossover. WHO SAYS WB Fox, Sony and
Marvel can’t make nice nice and crossover. Meaning the possibility of a JLA
v AVENGERS can actually and theoretically Happen?

JLA v Avengers 2025

Gerardo Gonzalez says:

I feel like they’re bashing Sony, just because TASM2 was a bad movie. One
movie doesn’t mean they can’t make any good movie decisions further after

ralph m says:

There you go again, John Campea. Saying that Sony has done a kiss ass job
on Spider-Man. True, but their performance rate has dropped literally.
What are you getting at? Still clinging on your belief that Marvel and
Sony SHOULDN’T be working together for the good of Spider-Man?
Although, I’m glad you want JK Simmons back as J Jonah Jameson.

otter13 says:

I could be wrong, but I think I remember Peter being a little bit older and
married to Mary Jane during the Civil War. So it would make sense to go
that route if they were planning on putting him in that movie. Tho I
understand if they want to go younger.

Sickentist says:

Uhh where was iron man during Thor 2? Or Thor during IM3? I mean I get the
desire to have everything neatly organized and explained, but TBH Marvel
hasn’t been as savvy with their movie planning as everyone gives them
credit for. They don’t need to explain Spider-Man’s whereabouts during

James Leffel says:

My problem with the Spider-Man franchise is that Sony tried to essentially
sell people 5 tickets to the same movie. If you’ve seen one; you’ve seen
them all. And most of their villains have been miscast, with the exception
of Willem Dafoe. Just bring back J.K. Simmons and start fresh. 

heavy storm says:

To be fair, if you want a historical film to the absolute truth then you
might as well make a documentary. As a History student there are only a
handful of films that aren’t historically inaccurate the rest take
liberties in other areas. History is subjective, though a general truth can
be found. Theory of Everything and Imitation Game took liberties too. As
did Schindler’s list which took great liberties to give it a higher
emotional impact. That’s what makes movies movies at the end of the day. 

Nation of Gamination says:

With how movie ratings are now, could we actually get a decent adaptation
of Maximum Carnage? Or will they go with Flash Thompson Venom/ GOTG Venom?

hashknight1 says:

you guys look like the fantastic four !amazing!
Dennis Tzeng – johnny storm/ human torch
john campea – Mr.Fantastic
Amirose Eisenbach – sue storm/invisible woman
Jon Schnepp – the thing

adam wallman says:

at this point in time I am asking myself- do marvel even need spiderman?
yeah it would be cool but not NECESSARY. There are too many questions I
need answered here- this is a franchise that has been rebooted after 3
films, and again after 2 more, TREAD CAREFULLY FIEGE, I am hopeful but
ridiculously optimistic and with good reason

Terrence Ball says:

Amirose is so adorable,I could listen to her converse about films all day.

Christopher Harp says:

When are we going to get our big screen film detailing the life of Gary
Gygax? one of the pillars of gaming culture.

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