AMC Movie Talk – First Look At SPECTRE, HIT-GIRL Prequel

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Thursday February 12th 2015) we discuss:

First Look At Daniel Craig As James Bond In SPECTRE

Matthew Vaughn Talks KICK-ASS 3 And HIT-GIRL Prequel

Dave Bautista Up To Play Villain In HIGHLANDER Reboot

First Trailer For Cameron Crowe’s ALOHA Review

THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. First Trailer Review

Do Movie Slate Announcements Give Away Too Much?

Should Indiana Jones Mimic The James Bond Franchise?

… and live questions form the viewers!

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Travis Gunn says:

A Hit-Girl prequel?? Noooo that’s dumb

oisin mcmahon says:

I buy that Man from UNCLE trailer. One of my many many many problems with
Man Of Steel, was Henry’s performance because it was very cardboard and
lifeless. But I was blown away by this. I want more of THAT guy in this

RADubs says:

How is Indiana Jones not international? One of the most famous bits from
the Indy films is a plan flying over a map to a different country. The
majority of screen time in the films take place in different countries.

Tebigong101 says:

I don’t see me watching anything with with Bradley Cooper as the lead after
American Sniper, it would have been one thing had he just played the part
but he championed having this made and I can’t support somebody so eager to
tell the story of a bigot who enjoyed murdering brown Muslims, and making
him out to be a hero. Then you see the hate coming of fans directed at
Muslims, the rise of Islamophobia, and then this shooting Chapel Hill…
No, I’ll pass on Cooper from here on.

I was excited for UNCLE until Armie Hammer after his whitewashing in Lone

blackrock316 says:

I thought The Man from U.N.C.L.E trailer looked really good and it looks
like its going to be a lot of fun. what surprise me about the trailer is
Henry Cavill’s performance. From watching the trailer, I thought he had a
little bit of Roger Moore and Sean Connery James Bond sense of humor.

hightow12 says:

I love the show. I believe that Amirose is really smart and really
knowledgeable about movies. It’s great that shes worked in the industry.
None of this makes her entertaining on the show.. I understand that there
has to be a good female presence on the panel, so, compare her to Grae
Drake or even her younger clone, CBG19. Granted CBG19 might be a little
young for AMC, but someone with personality is what ppl respond to. Thats
why the Schmoes (comedy background), Schnepp (just cool) and Campea with
his crazy rants keep us entertained. Thats also why theres a collective
groan when the host is Amirose with Miri and Alicia on the panel. She’s got
tits though so leave her in. .Just my opinion. (wow I have way too much
time on my hands these days)

Capt. Steve Rogers™ says:

My top choices for the next Indiana Jones:
1. Bradley Cooper.
2. Branden Frasier
3. Hugo Weaving
4. Viggo Mortensen
5. Christian Bale
6. Ralph Fiennes
7. Michael Fassbender
8. Henry Cavill
9. Daniel Craig
10. Keanu Reeves

Will Rock says:

Ellis dissed “Man of Steel” again! Kill him!

larskk101 says:

Hey AMC Crew! I would like to express my gratitude on the work you do and
all the effort you put in to it. You make my day a little better, with your
great and fun shows. I wish you the best of success in the future. You
deserve it. 

TheGreatOne313 says:

Yea I do hate the announcing the movies so late in the future. We know
nobody major dies in Ultron because of civil war and thor

Nick Hardiman says:

I agree with you +Amirose Eisenbach on Bond. Sean Connery is my number 1
but Daniel Craig is very close at number 2. I think if Spectre is as good
if not better than Skyfall, then Daniel Craig might jump into the number 1
spot for me.

Sickentist says:

Matthew Vaughn is the man. Anyone that thinks X-Men: DoFP is better than
First Class is a fool. 

levar1979 says:

Maybe Shia Labeouf would be against this, but… why not just continue the
Indiana Jones saga with Mutt Williams. He is biologically a Jones. At the
end of Crystal Skull, they hinted that he could take on the mantle, or
shall we say, the fedora from Indy. Therefore you’d have a fresh series
and a revived Indiana Jones mythology, but still a seamless continuation of
the first 4 films. Has that not been discussed at all? Shia Labeouf has
already defined himself well for the audience as Mutt Williams. I don’t
see why the audience wouldn’t accept him. He’s young and has a strong
following. it would be great to see more from him and about him, Shia as
Mutt Williams, that is. And occasionally you could have a Harrison Ford
cameo in the new franchise. 

Christopher Harp says:

What if they kill off Capt. America in Age of Ultron and Captain America 3
Civil War is with Falcon picking up the Capt America mantel like he does in
the comics.

heavy storm says:

Why don’t I want Pratt as Jones? I bet he’d hit it out of the park, but for
some reason I’m just so infactuated with Ford’s portrayal. His seriousness
blended with comedic talent was done in such a unique way. I think I’d
prefer Bradley Cooper in that sense. Or why not Oscar Isaacs! How ironic
would that be haha. Pratt did show that he could do it with Guardians but
I’d still prefer someone else. If Fassbender did it I’d be really happy
too. At the end of the day, Indiana Jones is my favourite movie hero. 

Vinh Tran Quang says:

Name me on protagonist in a franchise that dies! Movie watching 101: The
main hero never dies.

Arlington Stewart says:

No Hit Girl prequel, but they could do an edgy Sailor Moon type story with
a team of Hit Girls.

VisionOfVictor says:

+AMC Theatres And you all are superheroes fans/neards? What of a bullshit
opinion is that? Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass was amazing. And i think they must
do it!
The Problem was only that many people has watch that movie not in
cinema/illegal! You know!
The Idea Kick-Ass as Movie is so great like all other Superheroes Movies
That’s so amazing sick, and therefore sooo nice!!!
Absolutely in the same in the same eye level like Batman, Man of Shit,
Avengers, and that clowns.
No really, sorry amc. But this opinion of you about Kick-Ass and
Hit-Girl disappointed me a bit.
Even if I respect your opinion. But i believe more, that you all have that
opinion just because Kick-Ass2 has not made so much money. And not because
you all like Kick-Ass finally so much like the other superheroes movies.
So, build your opinion for a amc show not about a last movie and what that
movie has make money.
Kick-Ass is an incredible, fresh, funny, and action-coolness adventure. And
that amazing madness of that movie is it worth to make the next Kick-Ass 3
movie better. And tell out to the world that we all love Kick-Ass! And not
to speak bad about it.
Sorry, but that’s my opinion. Because i’m 100% sure, that you all in really
love Kick-Ass more than you have spoken in this amc show today! ;o)

XRJ92 says:

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Opinions are in the air, but The World is Not
Enough is not a bad movie. Not even the slightest.

Ricky Longo says:

I don’t usually agree with John that often, usually difference of opinion
but I totally agree with him on the Aloha trailer. If it wasn’t for the
cast I would have zero interest in it.

Marc Lombart says:

“I thought christmas ony came once a year” is a lame ass stupid line. The
best line ever, not just bond, but ever, “No mister Bond, I expect you to

elgrandloco82 says:

I can’t wait for the new James Bond movie Spectre, been waiting a while for
a new Bond movie, ever since the last movie Skyfall just nailed it. Also
totally buy Batista as The Kurgen, I actually think he fits better in the
role of ancient Russian barbarian then Clancy Brown did. It also never
helped that Clancy still sounded like an American and not remotely Russian,
the only one who even attempted a proper accent in the first movie was
Christopher Lambert. Aside from that Batista just comes a lot closer to
what I think a big Russian barbarian would’ve probably looked liked.

thejnes1 says:

I think the HitGirl prequel movie would be good if they focused more in on
big daddy in the first act of the film. They should show how big daddy went
to prison and his time in prison and how it shaped the man he’s eventually
going to be ,that would be pretty cool.

BenG says:

I don’t think hit girl or kick ass 3 will happen ever. But I don’t mind the
topic because we get to talk about how amazing Chloe Grace Moretz is. She
has like literally 80 titles on IMDb and just turned 18. Just such a sick

Carday Walls says:

There you have it the AMC crew knows noting about 007!! Daniel Craig is a
emotional Jason Bourne not James Bond, and if you think Pierce Brosnan was
not a recognize 007 the guy who took 007 from movies to games than you guys
need a little bit more info before talking about 007. PS Connery 1st tie
for 2nd is Moore or Brosnan depended on your generation and than it doesn’t

Yic17 Gaming says:

Not interested in a Hit-Girl prequel but I would definitely love to see a
Matthew Vaughn directed Kick-Ass 3.

Joshua Herold says:

I agree with Kristian, Mathew Vaughn should have directed the “Kickass 2″
film. I also have to agree with Amirose the ship has sailed, it is just
time to move on. Indiana Jones can get a reboot with a new actor sure. But
I still think we can get one more film out of Harrison Ford before that
happens. Just wish they had made more Indiana Jones film in the past.

MrScottyTay says:

I don’t want a hit girl prequel, I want a kick ass 3, maybe even a hit girl
SEQUEL standalone that takes place after 2 when she rides off. I love

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