AMC Movie Talk – First Look At DEADPOOL, Animation Movie Tournament

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Friday March 27th 2015) we discuss:

Round 1 results of Animation Tournament
Ryan Reynolds shows off first DEADPOOL pic
Twitter questions from the audience
… and much more!

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Erich Shrefler says:

66.6%!! It is LITERALLY the number of the Beast!! LOL

Jaspreet Dhanjan says:

Toy Story vs Incredibles? Oh, there will be blood.

Conor McCluskey says:

The fact that people voted without seeing the other movies is kinda

Blake F says:

Princess Mononoke losing bums me out, watch these movies people!

JazzyZenBrotha says:

Now we know how the voting goes with people. And I’m not surprised. So if
they ever do a “SAMURAI MOVIE MADNESS TOURNAMENT” I can bet that Tom
Cruise’s “The Last Samurai” and Keanu Reeve’s “47 Ronin” will beat out
Takashi Miike’s “13 Assassins” and all the classic Akira Kurosawa samurai

Allen Law says:

How to train your dragon gets knocked out in the first round!!!? Well this
fucking animation tournament is over for me.

Tiago Gomes says:

Disney makes classics. Ghibli makes masterpieces. 

themaker151 says:

Who’s the demographic of the voters of this tournament? Western teens?

Marco A says:

Animation Tourney = big waste of time 

Ron Infante says:

For those who haven’t seen them: Find them on your favorite anime site or
Spirited Away (Japanese: 千と千尋の神隠し, Hepburn: Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi?,
“Sen and Chihiro’s Spiriting Away”)
Howl’s Moving Castle (Japanese: ハウルの動く城, Hepburn: Hauru no Ugoku Shiro?)
Princess Mononoke (Japanese: もののけ姫, Hepburn: Mononoke-hime?,
“Spirit/Monster Princess”)
Grave of the Fireflies (火垂るの墓, Hotaru no haka)

Take the opportunity to go outside of your comfort zone and try out these
movies. ^^

Gregor Clegane says:

it was dumb to make every ghibli movie compete with a western animated
classic in the first round. some of the ghibli stuff should have been
paired up so at least something japanese makes it past the first round..

torpidbeast says:

Why didnt you guys talk about the Southpaw trailer with Jake Gyllenhaal and
Forrest Whitaker?

Marvin 777 says:

I’m really confused :(

Pizza God says:

damn you western animations! Grave of the Butterflies was robbed

Albin LI says:

I swear… if Toy Story wins over Incredibles… I’ll go into a nerd rage!

M4TRIXed says:

I’m not even gonna bother voting for round 2…
These dumb ignorant turds ruined the first round by voting without even
watching a SINGLE GHIBLI movie, so who the hell even cares about the rest.

stephen connell says:

Akira is another serious adult orientated anime that touches on deep
ideas pertaining to human existence and scientific manipulation of the
human genome which is in total contrast to the broad audience favorite of
Finding Nemo. They are both great animated movies but different audience
demographics so the result is not surprising.

Jack Roberts says:

They needed to do two different animated tournaments, one for anime and
another for western animation.

Cody case says:

Favorite Ed Harris role A Beautiful Mind… Probably One Of My Favorite
Movies of All Time

Ricky Longo says:

Nightmare Before Christmas is way better then Up.

Emrecan Taneri says:

jesus….just do a separate video…this is movietalk

Will Lambert says:


RaiderFOOTBALL says:

You guys didn’t talk about southpaw???

reza farsad says:

Sorry but after seeing the results, and understanding WHO is the majority
of voters, i have no interest in following the Animation tournament anymore.

And to those who say it was designed by AMC so that Anime movies would
lose, i get the feeling, but i don’t think it was designed. since John (as
much as he always said he doesn’t watch anime and doesn’t like them, even
trying), but he actually loves some of those Gibli movies and is vocal
about it. So if he wanted them to fail, he would have put them against some
bigger names, not against Pinocchio or iron giant…(well frozen is
exception which i think was by accident which is fair).

The sad reality is, you can clearly see the majority of voters haven’t seen
those movies and don’t have no intention to even check them when they see
them popping in the list of greatest animations of all time. mostly can be
said as ignorants. Like as much as i love the winners, I think the only one
that was obvious to win was Frozen only for its popularity (I liked it but
honestly i think it has no place in this list in the first place).

So watching the results and guessing how it can turn out, its gonna be
boring from now on so i skip. because from now on, its about most popular
in teen western side not Really good movies.

Christopher Harp says:

All you anime haters suck!!!!!!

Rodrigo Santos says:

The results are just ridiculous. Most people voted without even watch the

M4TRIXed says:

Pinocchio > Spirited Away!?!?
Frozen > Howl’s Moving Castle….?? ¬.¬
Really though?? Why would you even vote if you have only watched one of
those movies, because if you had seen those Ghibli movies you would have
NEVER picked FUCKING FROZEN over a Ghibli movie. Ignorant turds
Nonetheless, I’m glad you guys made this whole list of awesome movies, so
that people DO check out these awesome movies

Jeyn Miller says:

Oh Mark Ellis….thank you for saying everything I want to say. I think I
love you.

Simon Pettersen says:

I think the comparisons are not fair in any way. For each segment there was
an obvious winner. Who put it together? As in which movies should go head
to head?

greg parch says:

To be honest, I´m annoyed at the results, it’s a travesty having Pinocchio
win over Spirited Away. I think this tournament should be a discussion like
Screen Junkies Movie Fights or a debate with film critics. It feels like
the Teen or Peoples Choice Awards, the results of the voting have no real
meaning or weight to determine which one is the best-animated movie. But I
guess my annoyance will grow when Toy Story 1, 2 or 3 wins everything. And
my god!!!! Howls Moving Castle destroyed by Frozen. P.S. Frozen has so many
plot holes and story issues I don’t know why is on this list. And I´m only
at minute 6 of the video.

souldrum86 says:

This shows hollywood can make accurate costume straight from the comics. I
no longer want to hear the excuse of it wont work on the big screen.

Dean Cook says:

I really wish people didn’t just vote for the ones they’ve seen. Ghibli
deserved to be in this tournament and I’m actually pretty damn upset by how
it turned out.

Thomas Clifford says:

Studio Ghibli makes so many amazing films and clearly no one realizes it.
It’s kind of sad. I’d say overall they were all better films than the stuff
they were up against.

Brandon Christopher says:

Frozen is terrible, just a poorly written movie.
The music is really good but rewatch that movie and the story is trash

John Forsyth says:

I went and watched Akira, and I felt like it fell apart halfway through. I
really enjoyed the first half of the movie, even though I don’t generally
like anime. I’d love to see a live action version of this though, maybe a
little more explained going into the second half. 

SensaiChill says:

People seem to be upset of The Anime movies…….you guys know this
doesn’t make the movies worse right? Its all outta fun for AMC movie fans.
Isn’t a reflection of the quality of the film. Its Fan Voted…..

Udit Singh says:

Spirited Away lost? IT LOST??

cmurphyphotos says:

I think one thing this tournament has proven is that it was kind of
pointless to put in foreign animated films into the competition. No matter
how amazing they are just not enough people have seen them. Should have
just stuck with domestic films. 

Avi P says:

Ok. I’m sure you guys have heard this a lot, but I gotta say something has
to be done about paring blockbusters against little known films. Spirited
Away against Howl’s Moving Castle would have been more interesting. You
essentially setup your tournament to eliminate eastern films first. The
thing about last years competition was putting Blade as a comic book movie
when it was more advertised and pushed as a vampire flick.

lucysixm says:

8 Pixar movies and 6 Disney movies, plus Iron Giant and Nightmare left.
Dreamworks execs jumping from the 12th story window.

Tamani Wheeler says:

Oh look all the japanese ones went out, surprise surprise 

Jason Hall says:

WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to much time spent on the bracket. 

Ahmed Musavi says:


Kirbster1999 says:

What movie studio is deadpool with?

Jeremy Long says:

I love Mark Ellis’s sports explanations for the movies getting beat. 

Nathan Robinson says:

6:30 Mark of the Beast 

daolchang says:

What the hell brothers and sisters of AMC, WATCH MORE ANIME FILMS!!! THEY

mylestate says:

Animation Tourney is kind of funny. All the Japanese movies feel out of
place with the rest of the list. Most of them are not for children, are
more “open stories” which are told in a way that most Western audiences
would not be used to. They don’t spell every part of the story out for you
and leave a lot open to interpretation. Aside from that, its clear that
many people just haven’t seen those movies, so I think they’re more in this
tourney to introduce them to a new audience.

Kobe Bonhomme says:

it’s unfair that popular movies in the west had to go against japanese
movies. like you guys said, people probably haven’t seen them. that’s what
makes the voting unfair. then again, i haven’t seen those movies nor do i
want to and they probably won’t make it to the finale anyways

A Yap says:

Japanese anime movies were “jobbers” in this tournament

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