AMC Movie Talk – FANTASTIC FOUR’s Incredible Trailer, STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE Details

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Monday April 20th 2015) we discuss the following:

FURIOUS 7 wins box office 3rd week in a row
Amazing new FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer
First teaser posters for BATMAN V SUPERMAN
Can AVENGERS beast FURIOUS 7’s Box Office?
…and much much more!

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Elmin Legend says:

It’s great hearing them talk about the BvS trailer like that. I absolutely
loved it too. Perfect teaser. The Star Wars teaser was also amazing! Oh,
and Age of Ultron this week. God, it’s great to be a comic book fan! 

Erich Shrefler says:

I think Ellis hit the nail RIGHT on the head with the Batman v. Superman
trailer; When I first watched the BvS trailer, I was a little underwhelmed
by it, because I was still riding that high for Force Awakens… I’ve gone
back and watched it a couple times today, and it’s AMAZING!! There were so
many great trailers last week, I got a bit of trailer fatigue! XD

Kelly Davis says:

Can I just say this has possibly been the greatest week for Trailers
Star Wars, Batman V Superman, Jurassic World, Fantastic Four, Terminator,
Ant Man… Whether you liked some of them or not. You gotta acknowledge its
been a crazy week and a half..
My order of best trailer to worst.
1) Star Wars
2) Batman v Superman
3) Fantastic Four
4) Jurassic World
5) Ant-Man

6)– Didn’t watch Terminator, heard it spoils most of the movie.

ThisisBrak says:

This is my team, love these 3 guys. #amcisawesome

Chewey989 says:

Unfriended didn’t get marketing? Its trailer has been before every single
YouTube video I have watched for the past month! I have seen that trailer
over 200 times EASILY!

R. Robin says:

I am SO GLAD that campea and schnepp finally talked about their thoughts on
the Batman v Superman trailer! It’s awesome to hear other nerds share their
enthusiasm for this awesome trailer and what will be amazing movie!!!

M4TRIXed says:

YES! Love this trio!

Travis Gunn says:

If I remember correctly, Tarantino’s films are all in the same universe.

Caleb DesJardins says:

Ben affleck in the poster looks exactly like the arkham city batman from
the videogames…so beast looking. 

Matt Coorey says:

please do not drop the review tomorrow!

Jaspreet Dhanjan says:

Jon Schnepp will completely crush anyone here about comic book history. He
says he doesn’t care if the F4 doesn’t follow the comics, surely that
should mean something to the people hating on the movie purely because it
doesn’t follow the comics?

scream5 says:

I never understood the term “Fantastic Babies”? All the actors are pushing
30? weren’t the first FF cast younger?

FleekSquadLopez says:

The main reason I watch this show everyday is because everyone sitting at
that table is all ways honest.

Preston J says:

“This Batman is going to make Christian Bale’s Batman look like a
teletubby.” I’m dying.

Conor McCluskey says:

Those BvS posters seem to Nolan-y to me…

Jim Copelin says:

Such a good show guys!

Chris Austerman says:

Thank God some people out there can appreciatie the BvS trailer, jesus. I
don’t understand all the hate.

Richbutnot wealthy says:

You can’t forget, for the first time ever you have two of the most iconic
comic book figures sharing the big screen, and what complicates matters, is
their individual tones should be different. This first trailer was one
sided, dark and brooding, but I believe it was strategically released that
way. It is from the perspective of batman whom obviously sees Superman and
the way people are treating him, as ‘unacceptable… a powerful villain
that needs to be taken down; and people like Luthor piggie-backed that
notion, but I believe the second trailer will reveal Superman the hero, his
heart and intentions through his own perspective with Lois giving support
to him. The movie will uphold both heroes’ true identities separately until
they finally collide. Batman just happened to get his first because… he’s

Zachary Licht says:

This show is an example of why this really is the best movie show. It’s so
refreshing to see REAL fans talking about the Batman V Superman trailer. So
tired of all the negativity people have for this movie. All weekend,
everyone has been bashing it. Keep up the great work AMC Movie Talk.

Ken djunga says:

Oh my God John I love that positive energy you’ve been having lately keep
it up!!!

Spencer Erickson says:

Love AMC, but John, that joke was in bad taste. Kind of a dick thing to say
out loud or on camera. My respect points for you just dropped a tid. I
don’t know how you guys joke around the studio, but still, Schnepp looked
hurt you cheapened his story like that.

Conner Nielsen says:

Look guys, I really want to be excited for Batman V Superman, but it just
comes down to this: you can have the greatest screenplay in the world, the
greatest cast in the world, but Zack Snyder just isn’t a very good
storyteller. Every single one of his movies are hollow emotionally when
taken as a whole, and that’s not the fault of the actors giving it their
all in their individual scenes, not the fault of the editors timing every
single shot, not the fault of the screenwriters, but Snyder’s fault AS A
DIRECTOR. Yes, individual scenes can be stirring (by strength of the
actors), but when Snyder’s focus is on how cool he can make stuff look, as
opposed to how I should feel about the movie AS A WHOLE, I just cannot get

Matt K says:

During the BvS trailer: The shot of the soldiers bowing mirrors the one
from MoS with soldiers leading him, cuffed, through a hallway. Also, the
shot of superman in the crowd of people reaching towards him, some of whom
have their faces painted like skulls, reflects the scene in MoS where
superman sinks into skulls…

Also, during the voice over in the beginning, at one point a voice is heard
saying, “they brought their warrior..” !?

happybluedog says:

Great show as always guys – Schnepp, I want that Blade Runner shirt, do it

Danny Carbajal says:

Nice haircut Schnepp. 

oooSKYLIGHTooo says:

Loving the Schneppinator’s Blade Runner T shirt. Jus’ sayin’! :)

VanSensei says:

Mall Cop 2 has a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Superhero Blog says:

Kevin Smith told Jon Schnepp what happened to Superman Lives in confidence,
so he made a documentary about it.

Yic17 Gaming says:

Really hope Disney can make the previous Old Republic games canon and make
some “Anthology” films around the Old Republic era that ties into the
games. That would be so awesome. >_< Or maybe they can retell the Knights of the Old Republic stories as movies … that would be great too.

Kyle Summerall says:

Best show in awhile. So much enthusiasm in the room. I was laughing with
you guys.

Alo Barrantes says:


jonathan phoenix says:

Still can’t get over dr. Doom being a computer hacker… Still not sold
because trailers are misleading aka Star Wars episode 1 

Liam Wajsfelner says:

EVERYONE STOP SEEING FURIOUS 7!!! If we stop now it stays and number 7 and
that’s funny because it’s furious 7, get it

David and Goliath says:

i actually didn’t like this trailer that much. I just thought it was bland
and im not hating at all

Dan Bharry says:

correct me if im wrong, but isnt a sleeper hit a movie that does
mediocre-bad on opening weekend but due to word of mouth is able to hang in
there and back its budget back?

Lauren Hicks says:

What happened to the Animated Movie Tournament?

jewishsinger613 says:

Finally! John Campea on the big screen! YES!

mk6rfc1 says:

The real question is – has Ellis seen Furious 7 yet?
I don’t think Furious 7 will gain that much more considering Age of Ultron
comes out in most of the world Thursday and Friday

t1gertank19 says:

Man, this really is the year for Universal

Eh Zeus says:

I actually liked the F4 trailer way better than BvS. The BvS trailer was
good not great

Jo'von Boyd says:

I’m sorry… but I thought that Batman v Superman trailer sucked

AnthonyVardaro2 says:

I don’t get what was so great about the Fantastic 4 trailer, Looks like a
standard blockbuster to me.

scream5 says:

Paul Blart 3: Paul’s Cousin Campea

Plot: Paul Blart (Kevin James) goes to his 30th high school reunion and
runs into his cousin, and high school nemesis John Campea. 30 years ago
they battled it out to be the funny fat guy in school, and now they’re
fighting to see who can be the funniest fat father at the reunion.

Ali K says:

I didn’t like the Batman V Superman trailer because they’re making Superman
the bad guy. And before someone might want to call me a fanboy, batman is
my favorite hero, and superman is second.

Ezekiel Deleon says:

Don’t waste your money John …. Judging by the type of horror movies you
seem to like this isn’t it haha Unfriended was garbage …

lotto says:

Let us know if there is a post-credit scene.

Anthony Iuculano says:

Mosasaurs are not Fish, they are marine reptiles

KlingonCaptain says:

There is a market for “Paul Blart 2″ and I’m a part of that market. In the
modern world, where most live action comedies are nothing but raunchy,
“Paul Blart” is something you can take your kids to without worrying. The
TV spots don’t say “Certified Family Safe” for nothing. They know who their
target audience is…families.

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