AMC Movie Talk – DISTRICT 9 Director Doing Next ALIENS Film!

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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (Thursday February 19th 2015) we discuss the following:

Neill Blomkamp to direct new ALIENS
Firefly and Gotham star joins DEADPOOL
Kristen Bell joins Melissa McCarthy in MICHELLE DARNELL
SHAFT reboot coming
Abrams developing Thomas Edison biopic
Too much STAR WARS?

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joaopescusa says:

Fascinated by Edison? Please… Is it just because he is american?
Because… you know, there’s actually a fascinating person in Edison’s
era… Nikola Tesla

Mackster248 says:

Nikola Tesla is the greatest inventor of all time IMO, not Edison. Wish
they made a movie about Tesla instead. 

Sickentist says:

Sure every nerd in the world is in love with the Firefly chick, but wait a
minute, Deadpool is gonna have a love interest? wtf

ShinyMetallicPurpleArmor says:

I don’t watch gotham, but I like her from Firefly. buy

schmoesknow says:

Just curious how many of the Star Wars fans have started diving into the
new canon and if so, which?

Filip Orvik says:

why does everyone trash on Gotham? i think it is great.

Nick Hardiman says:

+ThinkHeroPro Hey Dennis! I agree with you on the show Gotham. Ugh. What a
major disappointment! I have only liked maybe 3 episodes at most out of 15
episodes (I haven’t watched the Joker episode from this past week yet).
Morena Baccarin is really the only thing that has been enjoyable to watch
in recent episodes. 

SPEFNY says:

I have no interest in seeing Aliens look like another Niel Bloomkamp movie.
They all look the same. 

Tebigong101 says:

Why would they make another Shaft, unless they are going to go gritty with
this one and less nostalgic like the last one. I think there’s a bit of
irony when two white guys talk about a movie from an era called
blaxploitation and wanting a white director who some feel he tends to
portray his black characters stereotypically and is entirely too liberal
with the n-word.

It’s shitty that Black Panther is going to be sidelined for Spider-Man and
have his and Captain Marvel movie pushed for yet another white guy.

Uberslick says:

If Neil does another Alien film I really hope it has nothing to do with
Ripley. We have already had 2 more stories that take the character in a
really bad direction. After Aliens for me, I feel like her story is over. I
would be interested in Newt or other characters. 

ThaiBox7788 says:

I buy Thomas Edison Dinosaur Slayer.

Connor Brown says:

I sell the Thomas Edison biopic, but for a different reason than most, a
political reason. I think we really should get a Nikola Tesla feature-film
biopic before we get one of Thomas Edison, but that’s just me (the closest
thing we’ve come to a good feature-film biopic of Tesla is The Prestige).
I see why they went with Edison, since he is a household name and Tesla

Besides that, I have faith that Bad Robot could pump out some good dramatic

Ahvi303 says:

I’m all for this new Alien film by Neill Blomkamp if it ignores the events
of Alien 3 and Resurrection and if the concept art is anything to go by, I
think that’s the direction we’re going to get. From what I understand this
will follow an older Ripley and Hicks (and maybe Newt) after the events of
James Cameron’s Aliens and the Weyland-Yutani Corporation will somehow be
in possession of the Engineer Ship from the first two films.

I’m also very curious to see Blomkamp’s take on the franchise that inspired
him to pursue filmmaking.

stephen connell says:

The new Alien movie should be directed by David Cronenberg the master of
steel and flesh! Nuff Said!

xXjamesLOVESgamesXx says:

John you give gotham a chance but not arrow….smh

Katherine Vo says:

come on John Wick!! He killed everyone for his dog.

BlackSmokeDemon says:

Did John call Alien 3 a comic book like movie its like the farthest thing
from IMO or did he just mean Res?
P.S fuck Alien Resurrection
P.P.S Alien 3: Assembly cut is the true version watch that if u didnt care
for Alien 3 vanilla 

marnat61 says:

Baccarin has single handedly saved Gotham. Instead of going with the
Barbara character. she is the perfect mold for Gordon and their
relationship is 10 times better than anything Barbara couldve brought

savangray says:

I’ve always wanted the hungry city chronicles to be made into movies, from
a cinematic point you have cities that have been converted into giant
moving vehicles that hunt each other to get fuel and resources which would
look awesome. Also it has some of the best characters in any book series
I’ve ever read. But it won’t happen because a lot of the characters aren’t
your typical pretty goody two shoes types. For example the female lead has
a mangled face and produces a body count with her bare hands which is
rivaled by some of the Stalkers (resurrected man-machines think of
steampunkish cyber zombies with intelligence and claws that wolverine would
be jealous of). But I can dream.

ghostwhisper666 says:

House of Cards with Don Cheadle??

Dhruv Bhardwaj says:

I personally really like gotham. I think ots a good show. Sure Barbara is
really annoying but i think the show has done well at executing the gotham
that i know and love. Personally id like to know why you guys dont like it.
I completely respect that you dont though its all opinion 

KingQuaye1999 says:

Ok sorry for this unrelated topic but, what are you guys thoughts on Man of
Steel? Not just it sucked or it was awesome, but with actual reasons.

Aaron Childs says:

Black Dynamite! Ha ha…I threw that before I walked into the room!

Dominik Batt says:

Chappie reminds me of Robocop

The T-800 says:

As a major fan of Alien and Aliens I’m so happy that we get Prometheus 2
and a Blomkamp Aliens movie.

LeVar Anthony says:

See, I think Marvel always had a Spidy script ready.

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