AMC Mail Bag – Which Autobots Should A New Transformers Movie Focus On?

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On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (Saturday March 28th 2015) we take the following viewer emails:

Sebastian Bustillos writes: Hey guys love the show! My question is about the Blue Mountain State movie. Is it in production or have you guys heard anything about it? Thanks and keep up the good work!

Eric Lukacs writes: Hey AMC Crew I watch the show 24/7 and can’t get enough of the filthy. My question to you john is if you could direct/write a rebooted transformers movie what autobots and decepticons would you like to see in it. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Kent O’Hare writes: What up AMC homies? I’ve recently discovered Christopher Guest directed comedies like Best in Show and A Mighty Wind and find them hilarious…. so I’m curious, do you guys enjoy his films and if so, which is your favorite? Thanks and keep up the great work.

Howard writes: Hey AMC Movie crew! I know it may be too late to be asking this, but its been on my mind for quite a while, so here we go. Is there absolutely any chance that Andrew Garfield could return as Spider-Man in the MCU (or some other way). And has there been a confirmation that he’s out? If he’s really done, is there a chance that he could have a small role in a upcoming Spider-Man movie. Anyway, thats it, thanks!

Ernest Talhouk writes: Hey AMC crew, with the Hobbit bluray release this week it got me thinking; do you guys think Peter Jackson or another director could make another movie in the same middle-earth universe but based on an original screenplay? Like spin-off movies. Is there anything that could prevent that from happening? Thanks for the great service you provide us movie lovers.

Karan Singh writes: Hey guys, greetings from Australia. Love the show ! I think I haven’t heard your thoughts about X Men Apocalypse being Jennifer Lawrence’s last X men movie. What do you think will be Mystique’s future in the universe? Thanks.

Max writes: My question is: now with Neil Blomkamp Alien 5 on the works and Shane Black working on a new Predator film (and Prometheus 2 still on the works) do you think 20th Fox will reboot the Alien vs Predator franchise? or they are going to do an Alien Vs Predator Vs Prometheus (as done recently on comics)?

Bobby writes: Hi guys. Phase 3 looking great! Do you think with Matthew Vaughan doing a Bondesq film with Kingsman, and Mendes most likely leaving after Spectre, is there a chance Vaughan taking over? Or is he too graphically violent for the franchise. Carry on bringing the filth.

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dtanobo says:

I love Maude because she’s the type of person to include Shadow of Mordor
in a Lord of the Ring question. That game was crazy good

Jacob Choi says:

Guys, for Phase 3 I have a suggestion: Put the Times for the separate
questions in the description box!!!!!! 

Jake Bauer says:

GI Joe vs Transformers

Jay Kelley says:

I wish Marvel would let Idris walk. Such a waste of great talent.

Elmin Legend says:

I myself wouldn’t want a spin-off movie about Aragorn or Legolas or anyone
from Middle-Earth BECAUSE those are not the stories I want to see. But if,
in the future, WB manages to buy the rights to The Children of Húrin or
maybe the Rise of the Witch-King then I think they should totally do a
movie about that. If people want more Star Wars movies after the prequels,
then people will most definately want more Middle-Eart films. Jackson
doesn’t have to direct the new movies, he could be a producer. They are my
favorite books/lore and my favorite movies of all time (The Lord of the

I would love more movies set in that world, if they got the rights.

JustDavid0823 says:

I say Jason Bourne would beat James Bond

Gregor Clegane says:

oh man james bond would NOT win in bond vs bourne. I guess it depends what
Bond you’re looking at, but even the toughest and most physical bond
(daniel craig) wouldn’t be able to beat jason bourne and here is why: its a
lot more apparent in the excellent bourne book trilogy, but his mind gives
him an advantage that bond cant match. bourne was brainwashed as part of a
highly unethical but effective program to stretch the human animal to its
limits and be the most effective killing machine it can be. he ignores
pain, he can hear incredibly well, he is constantly alert, he’s a bloody
fucking brilliant strategist, his looks are intentionally plain (in the
books, not matt damon lol) so he blends in to the crowd and is entirely
forgettable, and hes an absolute master of stealth, subtlety, and
subterfuge. these are just the mental attributes that make him deadly, once
u combine that with his level of martial arts training and his physical
power – he becomes a character more like mythical “Kaiser Soze” or the
terminator or more recently, “John Wick”. There are actually a lot of
similarities between the characters bourne and wick. in both stories, the
antagonists are SCARED when they hear that bourne/wick is after them,
because they know they are up against someone who is on another level of
human capability. I love Bond films, but James Bond seems a much more
“human” character than bourne. bond gets captured, he gets tricked, he
makes mistakes, and he has weaknesses (he’s a brilliant sex-addicted
alcoholic with a violent side! thats an interesting character I can relate
to!). if it came down to a fight between the two, bourne would send a nobel
laureate scientist with looks like amy adams to get drunk with bond and
when he gets 6 martinis deep and balls deep in her, bourne would rise from
the shadows and stab bond thru the brain with a letter opener before bond
could even get a word out.

i dont mean to insult bond at all here. i just think they are two very
different characters meant to convey very different ideas. bourne is
fearless, relentless, unflinching, cold, distant, very alien in his lack of
connection with other people. he lacks the psychological barriers that make
us weak because they were brainwashed from him. bond is skilled in fighting
no doubt, and thoughtful, and clever – but without a gadget-ex-machina from
Q (which would be fair i suppose because its bond so part of bond is that
he gets to use gadgets? but the more recent bonds have thankfully dropped
the silliness a bit so i prefer to think of the battle between them as hand
to hand and man to man) it would be over before it even started.

If you made it to the end of this comment, you’re awesome and definitely
have a better attention span than most youtubers. i cant believe i just
waxed poetic about bourne vs bond but come on John !!!! you cant be serious

Sickentist says:

Age of Extinction ended with Optimus going into space. I really think the
best thing they could do is have him arrive at the planet of junk to find
Kup and HotRod. The dynamic between those two as the older mentor to the
coming of age autobot is an automatic win.

John Curcio says:

I disagree with John’s sentiments regarding Bryan Singer and company
“forcing” Mystique as the focal point in X-Men: DOFP, as she IS one of the
main characters from that story in the original comic. They were only being

Marvin 777 says:

I’d actually laugh and smile if they announced Andrew was coming back as
Spider-Man. 1, because I know how MCU fanboys would be moaning (I like both
DC and Marvel) and 2, because I thought Andrew was a pretty damn good

blackrock316 says:

oh boy another Andrew Garfield Spiderman question again…smh

Its_only_martin says:

I don’t know what John is talking about. I would definitely watch
‘Schnitbum and the golden bedpan’ ;)

Ricky Longo says:

Why are people still asking about Andrew Garfield!? Move on!!

Mufti Hossain says:

John can you tell the bit about the word “confirmed” to the fucking

Marvin 777 says:

I still don’t understand when people say TASM 2 was just an advert/set up
for sinister six when the only hints I saw for The Sinister Six was at the
end of the movie. Plus I personally feel a comic booky world works better
for a fun and light character like spider-man than batman. I mean, Spidey
pulling down a bad guy’s pants is something I think Spider-Man would do.
Heck, he even did that to doctor octopus before in the comics.

Whos Nick says:

So is Ashley gone now or what? She was better at these imo..

jbgainesii says:

Why was Maude so agreeable this time? I like her having a different opinion
than John.

Aragorn522 says:

An Aragorn spinoff would not only make money, it would be as good as the
original trilogy.
They could adapt the Last alliance into another trilogy, and finally give
us a proper introduction to sauron …

Alex Smith says:

Cap and Iron Man will not be friends again at the end of Civil War because
Cap will be dead. After Cap dies, Winter Soldier will become the new Cap.
Original Cap will come back, along with Thor, in Infinity War Pt. 2.

Clueless Wisdom says:

You might have done better as a Teenager John if you stopped referring to
women as Females ?

Justin James says:

Personally, if they did an AvP like the original comics, in the future, not
on Earth, with colonial marines & the character of Machinko being the
strong female lead that joins the Predator clan in the end, I’d be all for
it. Also, I really liked the most recent comic crossover that just ended
that showed how Prometheus ties into the Aliens world & even included some
Predator action. Though I think I’d rather see an 1.5-2 hour animated film
about that story arc. 

Mahonri Martins says:

Geek Bomb in the house!!!!

Bambu says:

I know Mailbag is John’s thing as his the main host but from time to time I
think it would intersting to have someone else do a mail bag video instead
of him. You have some great co-hosts whose opinions I would like to hear
more of.

jdg20042001 says:

I still have ZERO interest in another actor as peter parker. I loved Andrew
Garfield as bothparker/Spider-Man. Maybe when they bring in Miles Morales
then i’ll care again.

Zero Richardson says:

Ashley is the best at these. She looks up the questions and usually asks
better follow-up questions than the original letters.

Brastius says:

If they had used Peter Briggs’s Aliens Vs. Predator script, it would have
been a MUCH better movie.

Matthew Keith says:

I have to say, I really enjoy the new lady they’ve included in the AMC
videos including movie news and Jedi Council. Sorry for forgetting the
name. I keep missing it when her name is announced.

Negrochiflado Rivera says:

Spinal Tap is hillariously awesome.

Josh Courtade says:

Two reason why the first avp didn’t work was because it was directed by
paul w.s anderson the same guy that did resident evil & motal kombat, and
it was rated pg-13 which is why mortal kombat also wasnt so good. The
second was good, but the problem with that is it was directed by two
special effects professional that did movies like 

Marcus Bond says:

We don’t need a LOTR spin-off, we need a Beren and Luthien movie! Or a
Siege of Angband movie would be okay also.

Jon Miller says:

How about HOTSHOT! he’s yet to come into the actual movie and I’m sad. Okay

Bruno Loureiro says:

Maude’s accent is so hot!!!

Iron McMuffin says:

The Silmarillion would make for a bad movie but would possibly make for an
awesome limited TV series. Do it like Game of Thrones but simply with even
more fantastical elements and it also wouldn’t need as long to get through
as GoT does so perhaps a single 10-13 episode season or even 2 at the most
would surely be enough to cover it all. You’d need a mega budget though to
do it justice.

jayhartRIC says:

Bring back Andrew Garfield!!!

The War Unit says:

Black and Purple jet Maude was Skywarp

arran watts says:

great episode very funny rant near the beginning.

Laura Imiolo says:

So basically another 37 minutes of jon hitting on maud

master Teacher says:

Maude go back to Ken. 

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