AMC Mail Bag – What Defines A Good Movie Villain?

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On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (Sunday February 15th 2015) we take the following viewer emails:

Fabio Vecchionacce wrote:

Hello AMC‘s crew! I love your show, greetings from Venezuela, I have a question, for you what defines a good movie villian? Is it the fact that the villian seems cool because you can understand where he is coming from? ( the joker, loki), or is it when you hate the villian (in a good way) because he is really evil? (The emperor Comodo from gladiator) Personally i prefer when i hate the villians because the paid off at the end when the hero wins is so much more enjoyable. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

Ashlee Asamoah wrote:

Loving the show from the UK. Is there anywhere in the Oscar rule book that states the difference between a lead actor and a supporting actor? It seems some performances fall into this category because, despite having as much screentime as a typical leading performance, they are not the protagonist. Thanks.

Kitte Ubredi wrote:

Greetings and Salutations to the whole of amc crew, love the show, keep up the good work. I was just wondering, who your favourite (excuse the way its spelt, I am British) movie geniuses are. Mine have to be Will Hunting from Good Will Hunting and Andy from Shawshank Redemption. PS, it does not have to be book smart, it could also be strategy :)

Raymond Morris wrote:

Love the show and I have been following you all since just before the now famous Man of Steel review. My question is about reboots and their casting of the lead characters. In your opinion, is it better to get someone who looks and acts like the original lead, or do you enjoy seeing a fresh take on the character? Thanks and bring on the filthy, ya dirty animals.

Kevin Young wrote:

Hey guys! love your show and have been watching for about a year now. I am sitting here watching Lawrence of Arabia and it got me to thinking. It seems that these older classics that are so highly regarded have some very poor acting at times. Many of these performances would not pass now. I am aware that the style of acting has changed over time but have we also expected more from our actors? Could this be why my parents are not as bothered by poor acting in movies as I am? Thank you and keep the great shows coming!

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ThinkHeroPro says:

Thanks for watching and checking out my office!


Once There Was An Ugly Barnacle, He Was SO Ugly That Everyone Died .I mean you says:

i think that the joker is the only real villain in the comicbooks the other
villains do what they do cause they think its good from their point of view
but the joker is an insane, remorseless unpredictable psychopath who kills
because he loves it

Amirose Eisenbach says:

Thanks for watching guys! Sorry it was a shorter one, we were beyond
exhausted but wanted to still give you a show! Hope you’re having a great

Lin Yang says:

Loki’s not a good villain at all. His motives for his actions are weak and
bordering on a hormonal teenager, he’s not intimidating, he doesn’t excel
at anything, he’s not strong, smart or deceptive. He’s AVERAGE in
everything he does and when no one in the Avengers team takes him seriously
then you know Loki is a bad villain. He’s really just a slave to everyone
he meets, from Odin, Thor, Thanos and then the Avengers. 

Ben Witton Personal Training says:

Thank you so much for giving up your time when you’ve been busy travelling
and dealing technical difficulties with videos. The ones on hearing
comparing about hosts and the length of videos they are uploading, do us
all a favour and have some common decency by fucking off and trolling
elsewhere . Keep up the good work guys. Much love and respect from the UK 

Gen-13 says:

”It’s the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation. The
bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for
power, for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always

Connor Ketcham says:

Why are the last two mailbags super short? 20 minutes and now 15 minutes?

Marvin agyeman says:

I just realized how much I act like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang
Theory. I can’t deal with change at all. Every time they do a show in a
different setting/location or the hosts are different I feel like I’m about
to lose my mind!

Jake says:

”What was it on earth that turned you so soft? Don’t tell me it was that
woman! Oh, it was. Well, maybe when we’re finished here, I’ll pay her a
visit myself!”

If that’s not madness, I don’t know what is.

Moonlight150 says:

I’m sorry Dennis but I have to knock you down a couple points from my
favorite AMC personal because of the L.A. Kings propaganda in the
background ;)

cody g says:

That Mozart joke was incredible. Totally using it.

blackrock316 says:

For me, I think the best villains are the ones that think they are doing
the right thing and think they are doing the right think for the people.
They are the most terrifying villains on screen and to me I am not sure if
Loki is a Villain now.

Alasdair Boswell says:

To the person who sent that question: Never compare that puny god to the
greatest comic book villain of all time.

oisin mcmahon says:

I don’t know. Because most villain seem like anti-heroes these days.

For me it’s one that’s a threat and an unstoppable one at that. 

Donovan Castro says:

Ugh, I dislike hip-hop music very much. But it’s true though that acting
has transgressed over the years. In the fifties films were different to
that culture and today film is different because of our culture. It also
moves with events going on around the world. Such as the Bond movies
because the Cold War was popular with the CIA and KGB in their espionage
tactics against each other. In today’s world you have everything half and
half. You have the hippies who are practically sayin that we should be
caring and non violent but don’t care about terrorism and Americans who
volunteer to help others in foreign countries who are murdered. Then you
have the righteous people who are serious and want justice, equality, and
people to contribute and stop fucking around. But these people also are
charismatic and fun. That’s how film has changed. To meet the demands of
the culture.

Ali Makaveli says:

+AMC Theatres you never answer my questions!!

Ahturo s says:

Are you kidding? Henry looks spot on like Superman. And Hugh Jackman is
spot on. Only thing is his body build. But yeah acting have to triumph for
the illusion of who the actor is playing. Example Mark Ruffalo, looks
nothing like Bruce Banner, sure same with Bill Bixby from the old show but
they are both my favorite Bruce Banner´s becuse how they act like the
character. Now sure the focus is the Hulk who looked spot on what I always

Charlie Angel says:

Acting performances, to me seems also related to are time and age. When I
was a kid, I always watch the TV live action 1960 Batman surely because “it
was Batman”. Now, I am pass 30 years & I feel a embarrassment that I watch
that! Gives me a feeling that a kid can be easy REALLY STUPID and like
anything. It was so much a insult on the origin of Batman Bob Kane made,
extreme Campy and really bad acting!!!

Kobe Bonhomme says:

so you guys were exhausted and had technical difficulties yet you still
managed to make a video? wow. you guys must love us as much as we love you
all. thank you! and nice office dennis ;)

JustDavid0823 says:

Really nice looking office 

Eric Prajogo says:

My favourite villain of all time is a Star Wars villain but not Darth
Vader. I reckon Palpatine is the best villain. He is not only powerful and
scary but also cunning and smart like a wolf in sheep clothing. 

Conner Nielsen says:

What makes a good villain? How they play into the overall narrative, and
their relationship with the protagonist.

Bruce Wayne says:

These videos are cool but can you get a variety of host? Watching 2 asian
people makes me feel like im in china or something

Traverage says:

You guys should do more Mailbag in this office! Great show guys awesome job
at holding it down :)

Nick Hardiman says:

It’s okay +Amirose Eisenbach, we are all nerdy in our own way. :)

Michael Huen says:

I find the best villains have solid motivations and inspirations for being
bad. It can just be hinted at, like the Joker with his traumatic past. And
sometimes it’s just down to the writing and performance like Anthony
Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs.

Jordan Anderson says:

Love your Motzart Joke Amirose!!! So cheesy, and that’s why it is so
awesome! I actually laughed out loud!!! You never cease to make me smile!!!

Xavier Taylor says:

when i think about the lead actor/supporting actor categories i always
think about how marlon brando got best actor and the conversation of
whether or not he was the lead since michael was such a prominent figure.

Joe Boss says:

Hot damn a show with Hawkeye & Scarlet!

Creative says:

I think Ultron will be a highly fascinating and gratifying villain

john finck says:

Sometimes the Movie Talk crew pull their punches when responding to a
viewer question. The guy who who said the acting in Lawrence of Arabia was
‘bad’ and doesn’t hold up to the ‘high standards of today’ is simply wrong.
That was an idiotic statement. Come on AMC Movie Talk, don’t be afraid to
call out people when they say something as dumb as this.

RealCoolGuy says:

Christian Bale was only a supporting actor in The Fighter. I would’ve been
angry if he ran for lead.. 

t1gertank19 says:

Also, thanks for putting in the extra time for a Mailbag. I know you guys
are exhausted from your Atlanta sessions

BenG says:

I thought oscars were today, what an idiot?!?! Lol, great show. Love the LA
Kings apparel. I know playoffs are always mentioned and it always makes me

George Cadenas says:

You guys should host more episodes together in the same office. Was really

Random8806 says:

I think that Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer had the best Batman voice.
George Clooney just sounded like George Clooney, and we all know how
horrible Christian Bale sounded (not acted but sounded like as Batman).

Raul Leal says:

Regarding the classical acting: Marlon Brando was the first modern day
actor. That most modern day actors have drawn from. 

Earl Chatterton says:

It does seem weird sometime seeing guys like Ethan Hawke in Training Day or
Jamie Foxx in Collateral nominated for supporting actor Oscars when they’re
clearly the heroic leads in those films, and have more screen time than
Washington or Cruise. But studio’s push which category they want their
actor to be in, and they knew no way Hawke would get nominated if the
Oscars have to pick between he or Denzel Washington.
Anthony Hopkins in Silence Of The Lambs is completely a supporting
character in that film. It runs two hours plus, and Hopkins is in maybe 20
minutes of it. That is not a leading performance. Give him a supporting
actor Oscar, and Nick Nolte should have taken lead actor for Prince Of

Jonathan Alverna says:

Dennis!…Your office is glorious! :’)

Zachary Licht says:

Always appreciate the hard work in these shows.

Paris K says:


Thought that was me for a second.

TheUhOhOreo says:

Mark Wahlberg was definitely the lead actor in that movie

infernaltim1 says:

Dennis, your office is a freaking geek playground. Lol I want it!

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