AMC Mail Bag – Is DC Showing Us Too Much Too Soon? Will Disney Make 2d Animation Again?

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On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (Sunday May 15th 2015) we take the following viewer emails:

Christopher D. Doty writes: Hi AMC Movie Talk, I love the show! My question is: will Disney ever go back to the older form of animation, (ex. Aladdin or The Lion King), even for a couple of films? Or is that era just plain over? I know they had The Princess and the Frog, but will they ever have any others?

Cale Cohee writes: Recently I have heard you guys talk a lot about the timing of marketing movies. This made me curious your opinion on the marketing of Batman v. Superman thus far. The movie is still a good year out, but I have been surprised with how much they have revealed already. Last year they had that short video snippet at Comic Con, and they have already released the look of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, and the Batmobile. I understand the need to wet the appetites of fans, but are they putting stuff out too far in advance? Will they have any new stuff to surprise us with by the time 2016 rolls around? You guys are the bomb-diggity!

Robert Clark writes: Hey guys, I love the show! I watch it every day. I was wondering what is the big difference between the domestic box office and the global box office, and why so much of a distinction is made between the two. I often hear about a film that underperforms domestically and then goes global and makes a decent amount of money, but then people still talk about that movie losing the studio money. Doesn’t money made at the global box office still go to the studio? Thanks for the awesome work you guys do!

Sean Bates writes: My question is regarding Ant-Man. Do you think that the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron only two months before will help or hurt the release of Ant-Man? You talked recently about trailers so I’m not worried about them needing to release a new one, but no one seems to be excited for Ant-Man at all. And it doesn’t seem that Avengers 2 will be playing into the Ant-Man story either, at least that we know of. I’m still really excited for Ant-Man and have high hopes for Paul Rudd and the success of the movie, even if no one else does. Let me know what you guys think.

Andy writes: Hey guys. How did the 2012 movie Chronicle make 10 times its budget and we haven’t heard anything more than who’s writing in over a year?

Molly Martin writes: Hey guys love the show,i was curious, I was watching an old AMC Movie talk episode and saw That John Campea thought it was so stupid to use Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in Avengers age of ultron, So I was wondering with the awesome trailers that have come out do you still feel the same way or have your thoughts and expectations changed? Thanks:)

Kyle Makkas writes: My question is about how people raise their expectations too high after having a beloved movie get a sequel or prequel. No matter how good Star Wars 7 is people are going to complain about everything. Same with what will probably happen with The Avengers sequel and what already happened with the Lord Of The Rings with The Hobbit. People think that all sequels have to be better than the first even if either one of those movies is still a great movie, just not as good as the ones before.

Isaac Bale writes: Hey AMC, I watch your show everyday. I’ve emailed you guys several times in the past with questions that I feel would make great topics and am really curious about. You’ve never featured one on the show or on the mailbag show which I do not take personally because of how many emails you get however, I am curious as to how you pick your questions. What are the criteria and certain types of questions you look for if there are specifics. Thanks! Keep up the awesome work and congrats on phase 3!


Oisín McMahon says:

WB/dc is showing too much?????

What the fuck are you smoking? estacsy? I’m going to guess it’s estacsy. We
haven’t seen lex Luthor, we don’t know if doomsday is in it or not, we
haven’t seen that many on-sets photos of Batman or Wonder Woman or aquaman
or Cyborg. We haven’t seen the fight. Or the justice league together for
that matter. Dan amboyer may or may not be green lantern. Ezra Miller
hasn’t been on set. We haven’t seen lex Luthor in his battle armour, if he
even has one, or his robot army if he has one. Michael Shannon was spotted
on set, is Zod coming back? We don’t know who Callan Mulvey or Holly Hunter
or Scoot McNairy are playing.

Justin Snaples says:

Another stupid question..Batman Vs Superman comes out a year from this
month and they have only shown us the fuck is that too much?

DizzersDoesGames says:

AMC Mail Bag seriously needs a guest personality to answer the questions
with John. Mova is great at hosting the questions but there needs to a be a
third party. Someone who John can debate, discuss and bounce off. Having
another personality on the show, like Schnepp or Dennis would be great. The
conversation would feel more balanced and fair. Just some constructive

Joey Henderson says:

DC and Warner Bros. are just releasing pictures, it’s not like The Amazing
Spider-Man 2 where they’re giving the whole movie away with the trailers.
I’ve loved everything that I have seen so far from Batman V Superman from
the Batsuit, Wonder Woman, the Comic Con footage, the Batmobile, and
Aquaman, Zack Snyder knows how to handle a whole bunch of characters in one
movie and not make it a sloppy mess. For example, his work on 300 and
Watchmen, he knows what he is doing.

Slyxyx says:

Joss Whedon decided to use the twins first before Bryan Singer. Originally
in Vaughn’s iteration of the DOFP story, it was meant to be Juggernaut. At
that point, Whedon had already let slip AOU was to use Quicksilver &
Scarlet Witch.

Final Flame Productions says:

Here we go again. A full show dedicated primarily to comicbook movie
related topics.

I’ll be skipping this.

ThatOnePixel says:

First BvS trailer:
30 seconds of Zack Snyder pissing on a puppy.
Cut to the BvS logo, coming 2016.

souldrum86 says:

Lol is DC showing too much too soon? They’ve barely showed us anything. We
haven’t even got a good look at Batman yet. We’ve seen superman, black and
white photo of Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. That’s it and look how
long it took for us to get those.

Whos Nick says:

Every studio is showing us too much to soon. With all the slates being
revealed it takes a bit of the surprise away from knowing what’s next. I’m
sure there’s still stuff to reveal though

The Wilfred says:

There’s so much you can do with 3d animation…. yeah, and no animated 3d
movie comes even close to achieve what The Tale of Princess Kaguya did with
Its breathtaking hand drawn animation.

As long as Studio Ghibli keeps making films, hand drawn animation will
never dies, I hope they come back to make movies after their break.

Oisín McMahon says:

But John, the twins are mostly known for being avengers. They (marvel and
Joss) already wanted them.
If anything, Fox were being the dickheads. They originally were going to
use Juggernaut instead of quicksilver, but swapped roles around and got
quicksilver. They could have picked Northstar instead since he actually had
a connection to Wolverine. And aren’t you the one who’s TOTALLY fine with
the DC tv and DC movie verse being separated? And don’t you use the
Smallville/ Superman Returns example so that people won’t and will not be
confused and that people can figure it out for themselves?

IamBrix says:

I distinctly remember Scarlet Witch doing her mind thing on Black Widow and
Quicksilver punching Cap in the face. I think it’s interesting seeing some
unknown “miracles” give The Avenger a run for their money. 

Jeremy Taylor says:

Hey guys, since a lot of people send in comic book movie questions, why
dont you make a separate email just for those? And use those emails for AMC
Heroes and maybe every now and then put in like 2 for AMC Movie Talk?

jonathan vigoa says:

i think quick silver will die and ultron will kill him. scarlet witch will
turn on ultron and teams with the avengers.

Sean Quinn says:

Does anybody else think fox made a mistake with their quicksilver? I mean
he’s great comedic relief and casting too but how will he be in a action
scene with wolverine in real time though… Marvels quicksilver is a grey
or blue blur that won’t be slo mo all the time we will see shots of
quicksilver running next to bwidows motorcycle or iron man flying
but….Xmen will most likely slow down their quicksilver to be like marvels
quicksilver because you’d need a giant wide shot or a top down view of a
fight if quicksilver was in real time

Random8806 says:

I love those 2D animations from Disney. Secret of Nimh, Oliver and
Company, the rescuers, All Dogs Go to Heaven and The Great Mouse
Detective. I miss the Don Bluth films. His animation was great! Did he
retire or is he like George Lucas and not really as out there publically as
he used to be? I loved watching his films. Granted they were all long
before my time, I just grew up on Disney films.

Dontuween says:

I cried in “The Lion King” too. But it was called “Kimba, The White Lion”!

Oisín McMahon says:

I think Antman will be connected to age of Ultron. There must be a reason
why it comes straight after and why it’s the last movie of phase 2. 

blackrock316 says:

The thing with Ant-man is this, we all know that Avengers 2 is going to be
great, it doesn’t mean that for Ant-man its going to carry over because we
have seen the trailer for Ant-man and its been mix among fans. Honestly am
not sure about Ant-man because when you put him along side with the
Avengers, from what the trailers showed us about his powers, it looks
ridiculous on screen and awkward. We need more from Ant-man to convince us
that its also going to be good, right now it’s meh.

Capt. Steve Rogers™ says:

I would absolutely loooooove to see more hand drawn 2D animated Disney
movies. There’s something soooo magical, special and aesthetic about those
films! But sadly we’re in an age of CGI animated princess stuff like
Frozen, Brave, and Tangled.

william jordan says:

John is wrong…ppl will go see the movie in droves anyway…just ask
Michael bay….he was asked about the criticism for transformers and he
said fuck I care they’ll go see it anyway….and after something like 900
mill at the box office….he was right…ppl will go see this movie no
matter what…

Enrique Medina says:

Regarding sending a question to AMC this is what I´m going to say about

I´ve tried several times with comic book related and not comic book related
questions. Honestly, have been good enough questions and with just the
right amount of text.

The questions haven never been picked up. Guess what? That last try will be
my last time.

So, my suggestion to people is that if you´ve tried and had no luck just
give up. And you don´t have to feel bad or upset about it; I´m not.

It´s just been realistic. If you think you´ve tried several times and the
questions have been reasonable and not even that has helped then just give
up and don´t waste your time and let other people write and see if they get
picked up. 

Jaspreet Dhanjan says:

I’m calling it. Exactly 1 year before the release of Batman V Superman we
will get a teaser.

Joshua Herold says:

“Antman” is still one of the upcoming films coming out this summer as is
“Avengers: Age of Ultron” I still want to see. I have to agree with John
them releasing photos, of things can only cause intrigue, & interest in a
film like “Batman vs. Superman”. “Beauty & the Beast” was a film that jaw
dropped at when me, & friend saw it. When it got a best picture nomination,
my mother was stunned. You could just see two dimensional drawing blending
with computer animation. The ballroom, the magical rose. Then with “The
Lion King” with the wilder beasts in the stampede. But you see this
blending in home direct market films like “Batman: Assault on Arkham”,
“Justice League Crisis on Two Earths”, etc.. Then series like “Justice
League”, “Justice League Unlimited” etc.. 

Chinedu Opara says:

+John Campea +AMC MovieTalk +Ashley Mova regarding the email issue, how
about this: *filter* your emails by length. Then, every alternate AMC
Mailbag episode, you guys answer emails questions that were picked AT
RANDOM from the reduced pool. I think it’ll add more *spontaneity* to the
show, and also give your loyal viewers a chance that THEIR question gets
answered. Personally I have sent over 17 emails/tweets, but none of my
questions ever get picked, so I just gave up and stay in the comment
section. I am sure I am not the only one.

Just a thought. Wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. Keep up the good work!

CinematicGalaxy says:

Regarding 2D animation, sadly I do think (for films) that it is overall a
thing of the past. My preference would be for us to get both 2D and 3D
regularly, but considering that The Princess and the Frog and Winnie the
Pooh (2011) underperformed compared to Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, and Frozen
(which was originally going to be 2D), then yes, it is a bygone era now. I
hope that it can resurge, because as much as I love Pixar and plenty of
other 3D films, there’s something magical about 2D animation that 3D can’t
and won’t capture. Also, I think kids will still be enamored by 2D if
they’re exposed to it. The problem is that after the success of Pixar’s
early films and then Shrek, everyone thought they had to make 3D from that
point on.

You kind of said it when you mentioned The Lion King, John (also my
favorite Disney film). That film is a timeless classic. If you show a
Frozen-loving child of today The Lion King, they will most likely love it.

WylunCustoms says:

i wonder of john realizes, or anyone else realizes that THESE MARVEL movies
are widely based off the Ultimates Marvel storylines. especially with the
whole strings attached/puppets.. quicksilver/scarlet was part of the
ultimates avengers/storylines in the ultimates continuum… im sure the
twins will be fine.. especially when he punched Cap in the face.. that was

TheStealthPrince says:

wtf showing too much? Brahhh Marvel freaking showed Avengers infinity wars
part 1 AND 2 “trailer.” Not to mention civil war and all the other hundreds
of movie they creating. I’m actually tired of DC not showing anything at
all. All I know is how Batman looks in one crappy black/white pic,
wonderwoman looks meh, and aquaman is just khal drogo pretty much. Other
than that I don’t know anything.

Roy Nichols says:

1st like! 1st comment!! :P

EmmerFan says:

I reject the notion of number ratings for movies. Every opinion is
different and some people give movies 5’s but others 7’s. To me it doesn’t
make sense. It should just go I do not recommend the movie, You might like
this movie so check it out or I recommend you see this movie. Giving
something a arbitrary number to me is stupid. 

Lycon Xero says:

I really like that last question that was answered because I was curious
about that as well. I’ve submitted dozens of questions and none of them
were every answered by I figured they got crazy amounts of questions so it
is what it is. I think I’ve sent in one really long email before so I
definitely need to watch the verboseness of some of my emails but I’ll stay
away from the comic questions and only send questions in pertaining to
other content since someone else typically asks the same question that I
have as far as comic book stuff anyway.

Tebigong101 says:

It’s true they do need to have something in Avengers 2 to help sell people
on Ant-Man. My cousin doesn’t like comics but she saw Thor and liked it,
well she liked Chris Hemsworth and also liked the movie enough she wanted
to see the first Avengers and now wants to go see Avengers 2. So, if she’s
already hyped from how awesome Age of Ultron looks, a nice little something
in the end credits will have her wanting to go see Ant-Man.

Hell, if Avengers and Ant-Man are both good and once I show her that
Michael B. Jordan is in it that might even sell a Fantastic Four ticket.

They definitely could have used other characters in place of the Maximoff
twins, saying that I’m now trying to think of who could have worked in
their place?

Brett Merritt says:

I think Disney has routed it’s 2d animation projects to there Disney XD
channel. So, I think 2d animation will keep going on. Just on TV. I mean,
Disney still has Gravity Falls which is an awesome 2d animation on there
Disney XD channel. So there’s that

derrick s says:

Oh my god Return of the jedi is easily worst of the trilogy with idiotic
plot twists (luke and leia), jar-jar binks like ewoks, and the infinitely
stupid rebuilding of the death star that the rebels proved they could

This movie was damn near prequel territory. We see some of the old George
lucas and new lucas, but not yet that full blown control freak who can do
no wrong in ROTJ. ROTJ was simply foreshadowing, giving us a little snippet
of what we come to see in the future star wars films. 

DA KING says:

Uhh John, Quicksilver knocked Cap the fuck out, lol. 

JeanCarlos Maldonado says:

I’m waiting for him to answer thinking…”I wonder what he’s gonna
answer…there’s a lot of disney movies. Mine is Lion King.” and so he
says. lol

Jordan Anderson says:

Agree with you John. Return of the Jedi = Best Star Wars movie of all time!

HumanCapitalSolns says:

Maybe you guys should stop taking in questions and go through all the ones
you already have? Whatever happened to your promise to get to ALL the
questions from your 2013 24hr Fundraiser for the Philiphines? Did you
actually get through all of those at least?

Tony Wilson says:

The One thing I disagree with John Campea on is this:These are Corporations
and they build in Money making things, into How they make money.For
instance, the theater doesn’t make money off toys unless they sell them.The
big wigs take there money off the top.The secondary market Netflix. ect,
certainly make up for not making money in the theaters as well as the cost
of making and advertising. I’m in no way saying you are wrong in your
description of the traditional ways of ACCOUNTING for money made off a
Movie.The only true losers are the big wig investors, who expect a certain
amount of money, from there investment, (even if it’s not a BLOCKBUSTER!! )
I just think you left out quite a few options, on how, movies make money.
And as you two normally do, you did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Harp says:

I am kind of hoping that the end credits scene from AAOU is something for
Civil War with Carol Danvers.

XmenMagnetoAcolytes says:

@AMCTheatres Those were stampeding WILDERBEAST John Campea. 

Gerardo Gonzalez says:

The empire strikes back is my favorite Star Wars movie

Michael Nyholt says:

I noticed that they only answer questions that have a “Hi love the show” or
“you’re awesome.” Lesson: Kiss their ass or they’ll ignore you.

Colin Littlewood says:

Tip for anyone who doesn’t get their question answered – post it in the
comments instead. You might not get the AMC team responding to it (though
sometimes they do respond to comments too) but you’ll probably get
responses and not all YouTube commenters are trolls!

For example, I think blockbuster movies urgently need more gay and bisexual
characters and The Force Awakens, given its huge profile and the fact it
has lots of completely new characters, is a perfect candidate to start to
change that. So do you think Disney and Lucasfilm will be brave enough to
include a gay or bisexual character in Episode VII?

Reticent Man says:

I’ve had my emails picked for the show twice. I’ve also had Indie Spotlight
pick my emails twice. I can think of three times they picked my Twitter

Ahturo s says:

Becuse I know nothing about how Disney works. I am just wondering if making
2D animated movie´s ain´t easier now? I mean you can draw into the computer
and fix stuff there and then have it easier to pull the lines into place
with the computer like you do with 3D models. And the colors can move that
way to. And unless there are special lightening they have to draw frame by
frame then draw them frame by frame. I guess the simple style of
Asristocats won´t pass today. Unless I get proven wrong I still think that
metod is an option. But I guess it´s not just only that but also the appeal
to wider adudience with 3D animation.

DragonLandlord says:

how much you want to bet the twins are in Avengers 2 because Joss wanted to
work the Scarlet Witch/Vision romance?

Alex Tapia says:

Mission impossible 5: Next to Impossible i don’t even.

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