AMC Mail Bag – Battlecat Image And He-Man, Do FOCUS Results Hurt SUICIDE SQUAD?

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On this episode of AMC Mail Bag (Sunday March 8th 2015) we take the following viewer emails:

Andrew Curtis writes: My question is regarding the future of Star Trek. Star Trek is one of my favorite franchises both on TV and film for years and I’m curious to where Paramount will take the franchise. Now that the 3rd film (marking the 50th anniversary) is coming up next year, where does this Alternative Reality series go? Could they do 3 more films and do something similar to the original 6 movies where they had a connected story without it being forced (mainly referring to Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, The Voyage Home, and The Undiscovered Country). I personally feel that Star Trek wouldn’t work with Spin offs or stories from different perspectives because I feel the franchise is more about the Captain’s relationship with their crew and the drive for exploration.

Paul Volpe writes: Hey there John and his amazing friends, and a bro fist to you all. I had a question about the MCU. I heard today on your show about the third avengers trailer and was like, meh. I realized that I was not excited for this film, like, at all, when only two weeks ago I was super stoked. I don’t know what happened but at some point I got so tired of waiting that I just shut off my enthusiasm for the film. It comes out in like 2 months and no one I know is talking about it. Has it been too long for people to be excited? Or does this help people walk into the sequel as if it were a fresh film?

Thomas Larson writes: Senior Vice President of Productions for Columbia Pictures, DeVon Franklin, has just tweeted a picture of He-mans Battle Cat. What do you think of the picture and do you think Columbia has the money to back up this massive CGI-project( Masters of the Universe)?

Yohan L’inconstant writes: Hey guys, been a huge supporter since the beginning! My question is more of a feedback that might be cool to consider! We know that sometimes trailers come out after you’ve written the show notes, but you guys watch the trailers before the show so you can comment on them, but why not do live trailer reactions where if its possible dennis gets it up on the screens and you guys watch a trailer for the first time! I think it would be cool to see how you guys react to new trailers, thanks #amc4forever

Rishi Yerram writes: Hi guys! I just wanted to know what the box office results of Focus means for the upcoming Suicide Squad. Both movies have the same leads and studio so is it a bad sign that Focus only pulled in 19 million? Thanks!

Fujishiro Koki writes: Do you think The Wachowskis could do a DC superhero movie in the future, considering their long term relationship with Warner Brothers? I think they are pretty underrated in regards to creating amazing visual effects and action scenes. Since in most people’s eyes they haven’t made a good movie besides The Matrix, do you think this is a good idea?

Ryan Eilertsen writes: Big fan of the show and congrats on the new studio. My question is, do you think Chris Pratt can handle this huge workload. He is now apart of 3 huge movie franchises with Marvel (Guardians of the Galaxy), Jurassic World (I’m assuming they are going to try and make multiple movies out of the new Jurssic Park Franchise), and Indiana Jones. Has any other actor been apart of so many movie franchises at the same time. Can we have to much Chris Pratt?

Miles Goldman writes: I’m a huge fan of the AMC movie talk show and I watch it daily. My question is regarding the upcoming “Entourage” movie. Do you guys think it will get a wide release and bomb? Will it be like “Sex and the City” and be huge? Or will it be like “Veronica Mars” and get a VOD/ limited release?

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FUCKIN' MOVIES!!!! says:

19:13 We will hold you to that promise, Campea.

TannerWood says:

Totally agree with that guy. While I’m still stocked for AOU (my most
anticipated movie of 2015 tied with Star Wars), I’m not as exited as I was
a few months ago. Like I didn’t even get exited when I heard there was a
new trailer or when they released the stills for it.

Dennis Boyd says:

Battle Cat is gay and Marvel is Better than DC. Also PC>PS4>X-Box 1.

Chris Sanchez says:

I now want to watch Ashley Movas home movie!

The Labryinth says:

JJ Abrams is the viagra of franchises

Michael Tacelli says:

0 interest for Suicide Squad

mrcooldeadly85 says:

Its funny how ppl say “i’m not excited to see AoU” or bad talk Marvel and
that its not their type but still going to see it anyways, just like with
DC films

Marshal Bowdrie says:

i have to agree with the guy who wrote in about Avengers Age of Ultron, i
personally just can’t get hyped for this movie, and a lot of my friends are
in the same boat both casuals and the sweaty nerds. People (around me at
least) just aren’t really talking about this movie as much as i expected,
all the buzz seems to be on Batman vs Superman (a movie thats still a long
ways away). I think this is mainly because Avengers is now a “been there
done that” kinda deal, its no longer this monumental moment for comic fans,
whereas seeing the dark knight himself go toe to toe with the man of steel,
well that is going to be a monumental event, regardless of how the movie
performs critically, much like the first Avengers film. 

Timppa 3 says:

I’m too lazy to ask this as a mailbag question. So anybody could answer.

Why do everybody (atleast in american media) dismiss a movie’s worldwide
gross and only talk about what it made in North America? Focus hasn’t even
opened in most international markets to my knowledge.

Blockbusters make a lot more money outside than inside North America.
Avatar grossed $700million in US and Canada, but $2billion in other
The Avengers had a similar split etc.

I get that the profit margin isn’t as big as in US, but you’d think that
movies would focus on european audience.

Andre Betita says:

Wow. You guys REALLY brought in the “filthy” today! Haha.

Layton Eversaul says:

In my opinion, the Wachowski’s only have two genuine fails: Matrix
Revolutions and Jupiter Ascending. I actually really enjoy the rest of
their films, despite some common flaws. 

Juan-Jose Garza says:

I really do love how Campea sounds so excited for Battle Cat, but
clowned/mocked Power Rangers.

It’s so funny to me. 80s kids Fandom supercedes 90s kids’, I guess.



DarrenJSeeley says:

*”The Wachowskis could do a DC superhero movie in the future”* I’m a little
surprised you didn’t bring up their in development hell script for Plastic
Man. If and when a Plastic Man film is ever made I don’t think their script
will be used and if it is, they won’t be directing it. As much as I love
The Matrix…personally? I’d like them to go back a little to thrillers.
They did Bound, after all.

TheStealthPrince says:

What I don’t understand is that Batman v Superman is already done filming
and they are waiting like more than a year to release it!

U-5 says:

Age of Ultron is the only thing on the brain right now. Holy Shit. 

Ken djunga says:

just regarding District 9 budget isn’t t crazy that Gone Girl budget was 2
time that. I mean Gone girl was one of the best movie of 2014 Imo but where
the hell do they spent those $60million???

solarge knowles says:

The months leading up to Avengers I was not excited for the movie. To be
frank I thought the trailers and tv spots were off putting. Also I was a
senior in HS, and my interests were elsewhere. But then the reviews from
overseas came in, and Avengers was getting rave reviews. Reviews I hadn’t
seen for a CBM since TDK in 2008.

Then I saw Avengers and I was completely blown away. So I feel like AoU may
be underwhelming in its promotion, but once the reviews from the UK and
elsewhere come in and it’s either good or bad reception then I will be
uninterested and fatigued.

Joshua Herold says:

I’m a fan of the original series of Star Trek, the films, & Star Trek Next
Generation, Star Trek Deep Space 9, & Star Trek Voyager. I thought that for
the most part the reboot of the Star Trek franchises was alright except for
some omitted dialog that is classic Star Trek techno babel, & some under
played action scenes with Khan’s lack of super human strength showing in
some scenes. With all the material from all these series available to draw
upon the Star Trek franchise could go on for awhile. I’m interested in a
new Indiana Jones film, but I guess I’ll just have to wait, & see what
Spielberg, & Disney come up with.

Ron Petersen says:

On showing trailers and such it can be done and is done but I believe it is
done by having a different type of youtube partnership. I tried creating a
behind the scenes show on youtube and ran into those issues. Disney told me
that only they are allowed to upload their content to youtube which was
completely false. I later found out about the different kind of
partnerships on youtube such as networks. Basically those partnerships are
responsible for content and do not get tagged by youtube. I would love to
do my behind the scenes show again but I would have to hook up with a
network kind of thing on my level.

greg parch says:

The thing is, Samuel L Jackson is only doing supporting characters, not
titular ones, Jeremy Renner is only the protagonist of Bourne Legacy and it
wasnt that great at the box office, now Matt Damon is returning. And as
Samuel L, Renner is only taking on supporting characters in movies like
Mission Impossible 4 and 5. Chris Pratt is another story, since Guardians
of the Galaxy he´s been eyed for too many titular roles in huge series like
Jurassic World, Cowboy Ninja Viking and now Indiana Jones, he is a great
movie personality and thats different from being a movie actor like
Leonardo DiCaprio, (that doesnt mean Pratt is not a good actor, believe me
I love that dude) so thats the thing if he continues to appear in so many
huge movies people will get tired of him at a faster speed.

BruceWayne9 says:

Chris Pratt isn’t even Indiana Jones. I’m surprised John didn’t say that
and correct the guy that wrote that question. 

Andreas Samba says:

I will watch the Avengers and I will probably like it, just like with all
the other Marvel movies but I haven’t been hyped for a marvel movie since
the first Avengers. The Marvel movie I’m looking most forward to is Civil
War and that is because Spider-Man, a new big character in the MCU! And
that is probably why I can’t get hyped anymore, other than Spidey and
Wolverine, we have probably seen everything Marvel has to offer in ways of
huge characters. Panther, Ant-man, C Marvel are going to be cool but
compared to Spidey they are kinda meh. Again the movies are going to be
great, just can’t feel the hype.

Anthony Cruz says:

Watch Warner Bros. get Scorsese to direct a DC movie.

carlosreyes11 says:

Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice trailer ? Oh Yeah ! Hopefully will come
out with Mad Max : Fury Road in IMAX 3D :)

Lee Hutchings says:

I really liked the 2009 Star Trek, but didn’t care much for Into Darkness.
The 2009 film felt more in spirit with the original series, where as Into
Darkness just came across as a poor man’s Wrath of Kahn. That’s my opinion,
take it with a pinch of salt.

Tony S says:

Hope you keep your word on that trailer reaction John!!! Would love to see
the crews reaction on the BvS trailer!

Dominik Batt says:

I don’t think the Rousey/Cyborg fight will only be 30 seconds if it ever

ChronicTha' Hemphog says:

LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… your rants too. lol :) LOVE YOU SONs AND DAUGHTERs!

jorgedontola092 says:

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool man! Campea! You

WoodstockProd says:

i’m not trans, but i kind of appreciate John correcting himself when he
started to refer to the Wachowskis as brothers

dan tan says:

ashley mova has been a lot more of a character since the studio upgrade.


What happened to the 1080p quality?

jacob harris says:

Zoe Saldana is a example of being multiple franchise’s all sci fi
Avatar,Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Trek

Hazel Ault says:

Can someone please tell me What’s the name of the video they were talking
about at 16:00

tcdahn7 says:

did ashley just say “..You said hoe movies..”?? lol 

Brendan Weissman says:

I’m going to lose it if I have to hear John’s Chris Pratt, Take Me Home
Tonight story.

Chance Blankenship says:

the laid back-ness of mailbag is really starting to show…and its awesome.

PeppersGhost08 says:

I think the episodic idea is the best way for Star Trek. The series I
always point to is Harry Potter, I loved the individuality of the first 4
they all had their own adventure that started and finished in one movie
while all being connected.
The moment they got to the end of 4 and started the one long story arch
throughout 5, 6, 7, 8 (Pt I & II) I lost a lot of interest because it felt
like it dragged to me, don’t get me wrong, i still like the 2nd half of the
series but the first 4 just feel much more complete as single films to me,
and to me I think the same thing would happen with Star Trek.

slymaster9 says:

DAMN this show got nasty very quickly.

Love it! Keep up the great work AMC Movie News Team!

Willear Glimniene says:

Cloud Atlas was good. Just way too long. 

OscorpJ says:

gotta agree with john on the whole film advertisement fatigue before the
movie comes out.i don’t understand why people want a bvs trailer this soon
before the movie comes out. Also, i feel like its ridiculous that Marvel
and DC release lists of movies that wont be made or released for another 5
years! like whats the point? i guess im still in the mindset that we don’t
need a movie trailer until maybe 3 months before the film comes out. i will
undoubtedly see bvs and ultron but right now i just dont care about black
panther, or the flash or any of the movies that still have like more than
year or 2 before their even made.

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