AMC Jedi Council Episode 7: Star Wars Celebration 2015 Recap

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On today’s AMC Jedi Council, Kristian, John at Maude breakdown and recap all of Star Wars celebration 2015. The crew covers everything from the Force Awakens trailer, Rogue One news, brand-new stuff in the realm of canon including comics, novels the whole shebang. And of course taking Twitter questions from you!

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Quinlan says:

I think Freddie Prinze Jr. would be great to play Kanan live-action. He
looks like him, he has his voice, knows how to act … Bring him on!

A Morgan says:

I think you guys are reading a little too much into the Battlefront images
in regard to Boba Fett. The game will have no single player campaign, so
the events of the game aren’t really going to be canon even though the
settings are.

In the Battlefront games, “hero” characters spawn on both sides of the
battle as a gameplay element. That’s all Boba Fett is here. The trailer
also shows Vader fighting Rebels on the surface of Endor. We know that
didn’t actually happen in the movies.

FellVoice says:

C’mon people, make Darth Maude a thing!

Daniel Lister says:

Thanks to this show I’m reading Darth Plagueis

Nicholas Hope says:

BB8 is all practical in the trailers, it was confirmed

Greeno86 says:

A Vader cameo in the end of Rogue One would be awesome. You don’t even need
to see him. Just have an Imperial Admiral say something like “We have them
now” and either just have Vader’s breathing or give him a line without
showing him then it can lead right into the A New Hope.

Maude likes ancient history, well she’s damn near perfect

The Clumsy Toaster says:

Correction: Battlefront will have a single play option, however they will
be non connected missions rather than a story driven campaign. You can play
the missions cooperatively or with bot teammates if you want to go it

Northstar Productions says:

As someone who grew up with the prequels and still like them, Kristian’s
point of them not having the star wars feeling is very true.

Dontuween says:

John Campea did not weep as he states, OR he was blubbering like Matthew
McConaughey. I tend to think it was the latter that happened!

Xavier Taylor says:

I think the right thing to do is to finish this trilogy. With this,
actually end this Star Wars saga and start a NEW Star Wars Saga: The Old
Republic Saga. What do you think?

btafbm says:

What’s the theatre John? I live in Toronto and am curious 

Justin Corona says:

IMPORTANT QUESTION: do you guys think star wars should have been rebooted
for the younger generation including myself (17) I havent watched any star
wars movies because they feel out dated.

TheJennyWalaShow says:

I think John does not understand practical effects. He doesn’t think that
you can engineer and build 4 or 5 different BB-8 to do certain types of
moves or maneuvers or like he said traveling 75 mph. What we saw on stage
was probably one used for close-ups.

Giovanni Melendez says:

Will there be a New Mandalorian Bounty Hunter in the Force Awakens, but not
related to the Fetts?

Yic17 Gaming says:

I am *mostly* with John Campea on the canon issue. While I believe they
will be able to keep everything in check without too many contradictions,
it will eventually take a hit on creativity. Writers won’t be able to write
whatever they want. They will have some amazing ideas and get rejected
simply because it contradicts with what’s canon. As a writer in training
myself, trying to make sure nothing contradicts in ONE book is hard enough.
It will take so much energy for future Star Wars writers just to make sure
their ideas don’t contradict. And with the amount of canon materials out
there – I am sure it will hurt their creativity.

That said, I am not completely against the idea of making everything canon.
Because I believe it’s not impossible to still write something great. But
maybe they just have to spend 25% more time & energy to achieve it. We
certainly will lose some great ideas. There will be sacrifices. But will it
be worth it? Maybe. Personally I really do like how there will be so much
canon stuff to delve into and explore in the Star Wars universe.

Tommy Samuel says:

Love the podcast. I’m on board with the plaguies idea

bootypuff says:

The guy standing behind the stormtroopers is Space Hitler.

Angel Gonzalez says:

I’m still never sure what the hell they are talking about with episodes 1-3
vs 4-6.
Someone explain what is wrong with them?

They are both clearly Star Wars, the story had to be told a different way,
and these new trailers remind me of the same thing we saw with episodes 1-3

Eric Bay-Andersen says:

Do you think that any “Anthology” spin off HAS to address the Gungans?

Nicholas Hope says:

ha ha , someone farted 40:20

Plastic Life says:

OMG she was holding Darth Plagueis’ Staff!

Nathan Hall says:

Vader showing up in Rogue One would be like the Hulk chasing Black Widow in
the Avengers. That level of fear and helplessness would make for a great
scene. Or, knowing that he could show up at any time in the film (if they
make that clear from minute one) could make for some excellent tension
throughout the entire film.

Herb Partee says:

Not only do I love AMC Jedi Council but man that opening is great

Alex MacPherson says:

John Campea. Look, i don’t want to sound critical but its so hard for me to
take you seriously as a Star Wars fan. I LOOOOOOVE this show but listen to
the way Kristian talks about Star Wars then listen to you. He is like a
adult sized 10 year old, and i friggin dig that! I love hearing his
speculations and hearing the excitement in his voice. You sir criticize
EVERYTHING! To be honest you talk about Star Wars like a Math Teacher. IT’S
STAR WARS MAN! HAVE FUN!!! You even friggin sighed when Kristian was
discussing the echo in the trailer! Even i missed that! Stop being a damn
downer and get pumped. Every show u act the same. Am i the only one who
sees this? I would like to address the council: IS JOHN WAY TOO CRITICAL OF

Langley M Neely says:

Heres my crazy theory: Han and Leia are estranged and split because of the
death of their kid(s) a long time ago. They THINK the kids are dead, but
they were abducted by Empire or Sith forces and raised not knowing their
heritage. They are orphaned homeless (Kira?)Rey and Adam Driver as Kylo
Ren. Eventually the children will be reunited with the family both
positively and negatively (Hans death) it is a great mirror reflection of
Luke & Leia. I also think Max Von Sydow has been Rey’s ‘protector’ on
Jakku, keeping a devious eye on her, the evil mirror Ben Kenobi. I’m dying
to hear other people’s thoughts on this?

Tj Thomas says:

I want a yoda backstory. I want to kniw how he became this powerful wise
creature and how come he has so much good in him. I think it would make me
respect him more than i already do

Ali K says:

Can you guys stop posting videos for a couple days so I can catch up on my
homework? Yeah… thanks.

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