AMC Jedi Council: Episode 4 – THE FORCE AWAKENS Panel To Screen Live In London, Trailer Confirmed

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Welcome to AMC Jedi Council, where we discuss all thing in the STAR WARS movie universe and Star Wars Canon.

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Jaspreet Dhanjan says:

Avengers is clustered with so many other movies in Summer whilst Star Wars
has nothing big for 3 months after its release, until Batman V Superman.

Cj Stevenson says:

Does anyone what the intro music for the show?

José Ferreira says:

The inquisitor is taking it too far with the lightsaber, but all the others
are just minor changes

Shadow Gabriel says:

The intro music? Please, somebody!

jonathan phoenix says:

100% agree don’t like some of the new types of light sabers. But don’t
forget the light whips. 

Craig Crocombe says:

In revenge of the Sith video game on ps2 you can play as Anakin and Obi-Wan
if you play as Anakin you kill Obi-wan at the end, and the reverse if you
play as Obi-wan, put multiple endings in but make it clear only 1 of them
will remain Canon

Nathan Hall says:

Regarding the game:

Two concepts that they don’t seem to be familiar with.

First: The main storylines having one canon ending, yet there being two
sides you can play as. The simple solution to this is to give each side a
different primary goal. Don’t have them compete directly for an ultimate
prize. This way, they can both have fulfilling stories on their own that
each fit into canon.

Second: Multiple endings. In games with multiple endings, that also happen
to be a part of a series, there is usually only one canon ending. The rest
aren’t a different level of canon, as John seems to fear–they’re

Eric Drennan says:

I almost choked on my beverage when John said he wasn’t looking forward to

Slyxyx says:

I’m glad the comics are not canon – we can still enjoy them and immerse
ourselves in them, and BELIEVE they are about our Star Wars heroes while we
are reading them, but it just means the movies themselves never have to be
beholden to the material and storylines the comics produce – stories which
will grow and grow and become more convoluted the more issues are put out.

infernaltim1 says:

Maude needs her own show specifically dedicated to teaching the majority of
the female population to be this awesome.

Hoganply says:

FYI: ‘p’ not necessarily silent in ‘excerpt’ /ˈɛksəːpt/ (derived from the
Latin ‘excerpere’, after all).

Juan-Jose Garza says:

LIGHTSABER: I think different lightsabers are cool only if the Sith are the
creative ones. Jedi are supposed to be more disciplined and principled.

Sith are different in my mind

Hedley Manning says:

Anyone else think the “die-hard” fans are setting themselves up for massive
disappointment with Episode 7??

Same thing with the prequels…

Granted Prequels weren’t great, but not as bad as people make out.

Bradley Dollahite says:

i gotta say Maude is freaking hot, and this is my favorite show from AMC

Giovanni Melendez says:

I might get Lords of The Siths

ScRreaMzESports says:

I think lightsabers should stick like they’ve always been but… I would
also like for big notable characters to have their own unique style
lightsaber that distinguish them and their personality or fighting style.
But only for big… BIG notable known characters not for every freaking
characters in the Star wars universe.

Paul Owen says:

i miss qui john jinn

mk6rfc1 says:

the next avengers and next star wars film wont be in the same year though

Eric Prajogo says:

I reckon the trailer will premiere at Star Wars Celebration but NOT go
online until when Avengers Age of Ultron comes out. 

israel phiri says:

John has a lot of baggage from the prequels lol…love how he is very blunt
on this show! He doesn’t just eat up everything star wars is throwing at
us…very skeptical in a good way.

JeanCarlos Maldonado says:

“Sith wet dream” hahah. 

Ethan McNeely says:

What if Max von sydow plays an obi wan force ghost? he looks similar to
Alec Guinness. Just a thought:)

Cj Stevenson says:


Brastius says:

Scenario 3:

There are two trailers.

*mic drop*

Glenn Estes says:

Maude – can’t believe John or Kristian didn’t call you on it but, Obi Wan
was only a hermit for about 19 years (according to canon). It should be 30
odd years but, Lucas changed all that with the prequels. It makes me sad
but, it is true. You point other than that though is excellently made.

Donovan Castro says:

Heir to the Jedi is not the best book. And I think Star Wars Rebels will
cover everything between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Rogue One
might connect to Battlefront or go after Empire Strikes Back. The comic
books are probably going to be listed by the end of the year. And I think
Battlefront will have one conjoined ending to make it canon. 

Renwick Davis says:

I think with videogames it’s totally fine to just come out and say there is
only 1 canon ending, but I fully acknowledge that I’m in the minority. I’m
totally ok with the idea that my own personal canon doesn’t match up with
official canon. To me it’s just a different take on the story and as long
as it’s good then I don’t much care at all what is canon and what isn’t.
It’s why I didn’t care when the Expanded Universe wasn’t canon anymore. I
think Revan should be a part of canon since that is an interesting story to
tell within the universe, and I think it would be a disservice to not tell
Revan’s story because of the different outcomes of KOTOR. I can always go
back and play KOTOR so as long as Revan has a good story in this new
universe then why should it matter in the grand scheme of things whether my
playthrough counts as canon? Canon means only as much as you project onto
it. The prequels are canon, but I personally like to take the basics of
their plot and imagine a different trilogy that fits better with that I
like, and flat out ignore what I don’t like.

Again, I fully acknowledge that I’m in the minority, so with that in mind
one possible solution to the multiple ending problem is just to create a
story that is only canon in the vaguest way and not delve too much into
details. That way no matter what you choose to do it’s still canon. Or you
could do it the Telltale way and just give you the illusion of choice, and
the differences would just be minor or would eventually converge back on
one single point.

Vid0907 says:

“I’m John, I let my hatred of the clone wars movie cloud my judgement when
it comes to the show and ahsoka. Who cares both the series and the
character grew beloved, interesting, fleshed out, and smart? Just because i
thought she was annoying in the movie i automatically believe she can never
be good!” >:(
Still luv u doe john 

David Land says:

Also The Force Awakens will be the highest grossing film of all time.

Máté Vajda says:

Can somebody tell me (if it not means spoliers) why Ahsoka wielding a green
lightsabre? (I just started watching The Clone Wars)

matt gonzalez says:

This show is much longer than most of amc stuff but damn does it go by
fast. Want more NOW!!!!. Great vid guys

Ben Bresulla says:

I’m going to think that Ford will appear at Celebration this year because
1. It’s local, he doesn’t have to travel far from his SoCal home to another
state or country. 2. He might not have been advertised because of the plane
crash, he just got out of the hospital and what a way to make your first
public appearance than a surprise in front of fans.

coby edwin says:

i can’t believe josh frank who’s only movie is chronicle from 4 years ago
is getting a star wars movie! maybe they saw some fantastic four footage

Fuhrdaddy says:

Marry me Maude lol it’s bad enough that you’re super cute but that accent =

Joel Hassig says:

Lightsabers have gotten stupid. OT lightsaber combat was inspired
by kenjutsu. They should stick with that and knock off the cheezy gimmicks.

James S says:

Do you guys think that the Civil War trailer will premier with Star Wars?

Matt Humes says:

Different lightsabers are cool. I like seeing all the different types. It
gets boring seeing the same stuff over and over. 

Baby Joker says:

OKAY!!!! come on guys throw me a bone!!!! NOW you have to admit that Jon
flirts with Maude!!!!

Enoch Robinson says:

Pronounce the p in excerpt! Is this an Aussie thing?

William Netherly says:

LIGHTSABERS DEBATE: My position I’m torn I’m ok with change e.g. Mace
Windu’s purple lightsaber in Ep II, and Dooku’s awesome curved hilt saber
as far as the films go . Now I also like traditional lightsabers in life.
Hasbro makes the custom kind, but the hasbro lightsabers I own are the
Ani/Luke Skywalker modified blue one from EP IV, and the Kit Fisto green
one from EP III. Both that I have are the standard green and blue ones. I
wouldn’t want the build your own saber custom blade hasbro offers, if
hasbro made a replica of the Inquistor’s spinning lightsaber for like $500
or whatever I’d pass on that too. Guess that puts me more on Maude and
John’s side. 

Gareth Down says:

yoda was third as it was qui, obi then yoda

Jackmaster Nored says:

Here is my thought on the Force Awakens Trailer: There will be 2 trailers,
Trailer A will be shown at Celebration and Trailer 2 will be shown with Age
Of Ultron.

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