AMC Heroes Episode 7- Batman v Superman Trailer, Fantastic Four Trailer

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Welcome to this week’s AMC Heroes, hosted by Jon Schnepp, with John Campea and special guest Chris Gore, where we bring you the latest news about the Cinematic World of Heroes and Villains! On this episode of AMC Heroes (Tuesday April 14th 2015) we discuss the following:

Batman v Superman Trailer!

Fantastic Four Trailer!

Wonder Woman changes Directors

Captain Marvel Writers announced

Minor Mutations – News Bits

Superhero Flashback – X-Men

Spotlight: Miracleman

Twitter Questions!!!

…and much much more!

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Alex Naoum says:

Schnepp, I have a question: when and where did you need to sell your soul
to The Devil to be able to read the BvS script, because I really want to
get on that.

ThisisBrak says:

What we see in The Avengers is comfortable to watch but hardly accurate. We
don’t like to be reminded that humans can be cruel and savage and easy to
forget such truths. What WB and their cinematic universe is doing is
portraying a realistic vision of what would happen. Marvel has done a
magnificent job at keeping us entertained with visions of comedy, wit, and
unrealistic interpretations of every major aspect of human life. What we
see in the new trailer of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is something
that SHOULD make us uncomfortable. It SHOULD polarize viewers and upset
people. This is exactly what Superman is doing in the cinematic world AND
in the real world.

JazzyZenBrotha says:

John Schnepp is one of the truest comic book fans out there. He truly loves
and *respects* these different characters and how they interact with each
other. He’s the exact type of comic book fan I’d love to hang out with
because he’ll be *positive* and *enthusiastic* about ALL characters and he
won’t talk shit or try to demean other heroes.

Jun Lagda says:

Batman duct tape lmaooooooooo

kickassrb21 says:

Your damn right BvS is going to be dark. If you want your one liners and
jokes then you are watching the wrong movie. DC is trying to put these
heroes in the real world and if people were confused about WB’s comment
about their movies being more edgy and realistic then now they know. Just
imagine when the Justice League take on Braniac or Darkseid. It will be a
full on war film. I literally cannot wait.

Vincent Valentine says:

I am going to forever remember that line, “tell me, do you bleed? You
will.” Fuck I got the goosebumps just thinking about it. 

Alex Leas says:

Is it just me? Or do people also see Batman as like a Greek hero, gods’
mortal champion; a perfect human being while the rest of the Justice League
are essentially Greek gods.

Wreakerof Havoc says:

Excited to see Wonder Woman. Gal will do a great job. She must be so bad
that after that grueling audition process and making it past
Affleck,Tsujihara, Snyder, and WB she must be so terrible. She must be so
terrible that they are already fast tracking Wonder Woman

People need to chill. Gal has a lot of impressive projects coming up with
all star casts so I have no doubts about her. She has this unique look and
sound to her that fits perfectly with the character.

John Castillo says:

Is Scott Eastwood officially playing Steve Trevor?

JazzyZenBrotha says:

Campea asks, “Who says that to Superman?”
Answer: *Darkseid*
Darkseid quote 1: “Super or otherwise, you are merely a man, and I am a
Darkseid quote 2: “Superman, If you won’t be my knight, you will be my
Darkseid quote 3: “This is where you belong, Superman – – under my heel.”

Steve Mabee says:

I am still not sure what to think of Batman V Superman…couldn’t Superman
toss Batman up into orbit and be done with it?…or eye beam a hole in his

Kannon says:

Yes, X men is the father of superheroe movies. Burton’s Batman is kind of
the grandfather. Is in there, but never made any repercutions in the

AusarFilms says:

it’s joyless! where’s the color?, where’s the jokes? honestly I’m getting
tired of these same complaints. I’m looking forward to BVS i love mature
superhero movies that make you think one thing DC knows how to do well is
write memorable lines for their characters.

savangray says:

I’m totally good with DC going dark, I love how Marvel does things but if
DC did the same thing it would be a little dull. Besides the DC collection
of heroes (in my opinion) need a more serious approach to make them more
believable just because the names are in general more silly than most
marvel heroes. But it looks fiarly good I’m just concerned with it getting
too grim or trying to introduce too many new characters.

Sil3ntKn1ght says:

I don’t think Superman will become like tyrant Superman from Injustice. I
think that scene in the trailer was citizens dawning gear and killing or
harming people in the name of Superman, similar to the Sons Of Batman in
The Dark Knight Returns.

Wulf says:

i had forgotten about the disco scene. :

Abram Reyes says:

I like my comic films dark, the humor in the MCU is terrible

Cristian Lopez says:

Batman Vs. Superman is going to be the best superhero movie ever.

themaker151 says:

It’s true Schnepp, Snyder did kill it. Just look at Man of Steel, he
slaughtered that movie, opened it up and insert shit in that awful movie.
He killed it indeed.

potatobombkyle says:

They’re not *clouds*, they’re *Space Farts*. At least Parallax anyway.

FlashCamel23 says:

Anyone else think the Batman V. Superman trailer was just average? I think
people are blinded by seeing Batman and Superman on screen together. I
though it was ok and I’m still super excited to see this movie, but the
trailer was meh.

Anirudh Menon says:

As a lifelong Superman fan, I really hate the direction that they’re taking
the character in this cinematic universe. I’ll riot if they do the same
shit that they pull in the comics where initially superman has the upper
hand and in the end, Batman wins because of some batman ex machina
bullshit. Batman, at this point, NEEDS to be beaten by Superman. Anything
else is just total BS.


“The Dark Knight Returns” “The Dark Knight Returns” “The Dark Knight
Returns” that is all i bloody hear… why dont you mention how BADLY
superman is represented in that story??? so this movie will be awesome
because batman in this movie is going to be like “The Dark Knight Returns”
but no one seems to give a shit that it may be shitting all over Superman?

The Electrocist says:

+AMC Theatres The Dark Knight Returns is a great Batman story/ horrible
and unjust portrayal of Superman. Even Frank Miller admitted it. Superman
would never submit as a government pawn. He’s a whistle blower if anything.
He’d be more interested in winning Batman’s trust rather than beating him
in a dog fight. Like a martial arts master, he’d only fight to his full
potential when necessary. With Batman, he’d take the hits because he sees
the broader spectrum of the situation. Fighting Batman is not a real
battle. Fighting Darkseid, Doomsday or Brainiac is where he would invest
his energy towards.

(SPRY) Ace of Games says:


Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman) says:

This dude looks like Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Honestly
I thought it was him at first. And I am still waiting for a Nightwing TV

Gerald Herrmann says:

miracleman is the big-bang of/for modern comic-age, the most important book
there is. no miracleman, no watchmen etc.

Joe Petri says:

What’s DC/WB going to do with Shazam? Billy Batson says the word “Shazam”
and turns into Captain Marvel. Is DC going to rename the character so the
movie going audience won’t get confused with Miss. Marvel, I mean Captain
Marvel? Who is going to get the asterisk?

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