A Tribute to Robin Williams

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Chris Stuckmann talks about Robin Williams, his unfortunate passing, and what his films meant to him.


Chris Stuckmann says:

Thank you all for your beautiful comments. I’m truly touched. You’ve all
made me feel much better tonight. Time to watch Hook and laugh myself to

failingtobeoriginal says:

When I was growing up, my brother bullied me, and it wasn’t the typical
sometimes he hit me when we were kids, it was bad. I’m not gonna go into
detail because I don’t exactly want to tell the internet my life story. I
watched Good Will Hunting when I was around 13 and I cried when Robin
Williams said those lines (I rarely cry anymore and much less in movies). I
get teared up just thinking about it, because it helped me realize that it
wasn’t my fault and it really helped me gain some confidence. I still cry
every single time I watch that movie, no matter who I’m with. Robin
Williams is someone I will never forget and someone I truly and deeply
adore. Great video Chris, again, I started tearing up. RIP Robin Williams,
the man who helped me.

LunarSpiral1127 says:

When I was a kid, it was Genie from Aladdin that I first heard about Robin
Williams. Later on, I saw Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Ferngully, and
Flubber. Those movies were a part of my childhood, and it really saddened
me when I heard the news. I even heard that he was a fan of a few anime,
including Akira, Ghost In The Shell, and Blood:The Last Vampire.

RIP Robin Williams. Thank you for being a part of my childhood. :(

Joe Tufano says:

I completely agree with you on the “It’s not your fault” line, that did get
me when I first watched the movie. But another one that I thought was very
touching is at the end of Mrs. Doubtfire when he responds to a little
girl’s letter talking about family and how it still stays connected on some
level even if it’s split apart. I was mostly a wallflower in high school
and I have a bit of a guilt complex but I’ve tried to move on from those
times as best I can. Keep your head high! RIP Mr. Williams….

Chris Stuckmann says:
Sean Johnson says:

*Stands on desk* Oh Captain My Captain, I will miss you.

Holly Roxy says:

good will hunting is one of my favorite movies of all time, robin williams
was perfection in that movie. he was so extremely talented, i know there’s
a lot of comedic actors that also take on drama but nobody does it like he
did. it’s truly sad that the world lost such a bright star. 

Diane De La Vega says:

Wow! just wow.. I’m a newish subscriber and I actually tweeted you about a
week ago about how I can literally watch your videos all day. I completely
meant that and, I’m going to be genuinely honest here, your one of the most
influential people on youtube. I can’t believe what you’ve gone through
because your probably one of the most genuine/sincerest people on youtube.
Thank you Chris Stuckmann for being you. I wish I could give you a hug but
a cyber hug will just have to do :)

Cassandra says:

This was hard to watch Chris but in a good way, I totally relate to the
guilt complex you are talking about, I have never seen good will hunting
but I will definitely see it now. **hugs**

strykerx24 says:

Patch Adams was my movie 

Christian Guerassio says:

I’m a little late to this video, but I just loved it, I can really connect
to you as a person and a movie critic when you go deep like this.

Ninten Guy says:

I love jumanji! So good!

charles terras says:

I’m starting to cry…

Herr Ols says:

You are best Chris! <3

knifebladepresents says:

Woah, Chris, you’re 6’4?! I always thought of you as 5’10 or something…

ShyGuyWithTheLazyEye says:

You are an inspiration for me Chris. I am going to start doing movie
reviews. You have resparked my interest in film. :)

Neanderthalcouzin says:

I’ve been watching a lot of your reviews and it’s time to sub. I hadn’t
realised how much we have in common–high school was less than enjoyable
put it that way, also had a guilt complex so to speak that my fiancée has
greatly helped me with, I love movies and also happen to be 6 foot 3 lol. I
came to your channel through the thought-provoking analysis of Prometheus.
I now watch it regularly and it cheers up my day.

I had a random idea that you could do a contest whereby you make a short
film but it has to be based on the title and very general theme set out by
one of your subscribers. Just a very random idea, just thought it would be

PS) Keep up the work, one of the ways I connect with my family is movies
and your reviews help me remember that and pick movies we can watch

Umar Soaries says:

I remember him from the Richard Pryor Show, but where his impact really
began with me was when he first appeared on Happy Days, and with Mork &
Mindy (yeah, I’m that old). I wore out my copy of Reality What a Concept,
and I can’t think of a movie of his i have not seen. So I understand what
you are saying in this video because he was just another celebrity to so
many people, including myself. He was literally part of my life for pretty
much most of my life and I actually feel the loss of that part. I can’t
express how much I will miss this man and the work he would have given us,
but I have a heart-felt appreciation of the work he already gave us. Thank
you for this tribute Chris Stuckman, it was really done well.

Julian Lopez says:

There is nothing wrong about getting personal in your videos you make them
the way you do and I can sympathize how you grew up I still feel like that
Chris! Rip to Robin Williams he will be truly missed:(

Ryan Purcell Music says:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Robin. Bravo, you nailed it once
again sir!

David Astley says:

Chris Stuckmann my man, I finally went to the next level with you tonight.
Thank you so much my good Sir for being open and vulnerable. I can see so
much of your past in me. Big loves all the way from New Zealand my bro,
this clip was exceptional!

Rebecca Benedict says:

I was heartbroken when Robin died, I grew up watching his movies. This
video was beautiful, I appreciate it’s existence dearly :)

Patricia Metz says:

Okay Chris don’t know if you will read this but maybe someone will. I
understand being bullied, I have been on all sides of bulling. Unlike maybe
some people this kind of video makes me love you more. I was raised by a
mother who never grow up and a father who grow up to late. I still protect
my sisters and brothers as much as I can. I kind of put my life on hold. I
can think of a lot of times when actors like Mr. Williams helped me though
hard times. That’s part of movie magic, take us to other places and
makes us forget or let us know we are not alone in our feeling. RIP Robin

Ian Chaytor says:

I have been watching many of your reviews and other videos and almost
always agree with them. This is one of them too, I just felt I needed to
comment. I also loved Robin Williams, I don’t look up to anyone in life
really, or idolize anyone, but it there was someone who was close, it was
him. Yes, he was loud, yes he was in your face and liked to be the center
of attention, but that was just who he was. He was also one of the best
actors there ever was. He wasn’t just a great comedic actor, some of his
best films were his straight acting ones. My favorite film of his is What
Dreams May Come. It made me realize that what I had in my life, was very
special. My wife and I would truly walk to hell and back for her.
Bicentennial Man is also right up there too. Just brilliant. Along with
Jack, Patch Adams and many many more. He was a big part of my life, not
just as a child, but as an adult. I felt the same as you growing up. I was
bullied in school through most of my childhood. He was a shinning light in
the darkness. He could make you laugh, he could make you cry, he could make
you cry laughing. He had it all and I am so sad that he had the problems he
had and felt that he couldn’t live with them any longer. The acting world
lost one of its brightest talents and maybe he wasn’t shown the respect he
clearly deserved. Sending you an electronic hug from a perfect stranger,
because it looked like you needed one in this video. Keep up the good work
man, and stay strong!!!

Adam S says:

I’m sorry to bring this back up, but Dead Poets Society. 

Þórhallur Helgason says:

Really enjoyed watching your tribute, especially since it was obviously a
very personal thing for you. Please just ignore all those idiots out there
that slam you for being personal, adding your own personal touch makes
everything more real and that really shows in this video and it’s all the
better for it.

Personally, for me, my favorite Robin Williams movie has always been Dead
Poets Society. Saw it as a teenager and his portrayal of this awesome
teacher that wasn’t scared to go outside the confines of the norm really
spoke to me. In fact, it was one of the things that eventually lead me to
get a degree in teaching! Good Will Hunting is also one of my all time
favorite movies as is Good Morning, Vietnam. I can’t even count the number
of times I listened to the soundtrack and tried to match Robin Williams,
word by word, doing his excellent radio bits. A great comedian and a great
actor, he will be sorely missed…

(Just found your channel a few days ago but am totally loving it, keep up
the good work! :D)

Lucas Mossman says:

Mrs. Doubtfire really got to me.

My parents divorced when I was 1 year old, and ever since then, they’ve
been getting into tons of fights, and there were some occasions when I
would lock myself in my room and cry myself to sleep about the fact that my
parents were constantly fighting.

The ending scene of Mrs. Doubtfire was a really beautiful hland helpful
scene for me because it was still during a time when my parents were
fighting, and the ending message about even though divorced parents can
sometimes can into fights, they still love each other, and they still love

That scene made me cry for 25 minutes. That ending scene convinced people a
lot of people that even though family can get into fights, they still love
each other, and Robin Williams was the perfect person to make gove that
message to everyone out in the world.

Robin Williams was a great man, he will never be forgotten.

R.I.P. Robin Williams

Kenneth Woodard says:

I used that prayer in positive context by the way. I meant no i’ll will.
its something im used to using. it basically means “in the name of the
father the son and the holy spirit.” it was meant in a religious and
positive manner.

Parker Meeks says:

chris, you are a great guy! be easy on yourself man. 

Links595 says:

My all time Favorite Movie from Robin Williams is Jumanji I Never get
Bored watching that Movie his Role as Alan in the Movie his Father tells
“Him Stand Up And Face it” “face It like a Man” just way he tells Him.
Never Owned on VHS but my older Brother Recorded on HBO back in the Mid 90s
seen so Many Times. its wanna my Childhood Favorites.

Walker Matzko says:

Fuck the haters Chris. Don’t let em keep you down. It’s so hard but that’s
life, right?

Abdullah Almosalami says:

Robin Williams didn’t take me out of a dark time – don’t think I’d have one
of those yet – but he did seriously reinforce a belief important to me in
Dead Poet Society. I really loved loved the film and I actually teared up
at the end with the famous “Captain! O Captain!” phrase out of feelings of
extreme inspiration and happiness I guess. So yeah, I cried out of
happiness from Robin Williams and his films.

Grant F says:

This is one of the events in life where you’ll remember exactly where you
were the day the news broke. I was working and a customer was on her phone
and gasped out loud and said “omg, he’s dead!” Her friends turned around
and said who? And she replied very slowly and softly “Robin Williams.” When
I heard that name, it hit me like a ton of bricks. What even more tragic is
that this man took his own life. I loved every single one of his films.
From Jumanji to Good Will Hunting, this man had an acting range from gut
busting funny to tear jerking moving. He will be missed dearly. But like
Stuckmann said: let’s not focus on his death but celebrate his life! I’ll
end with a line from Les Miserables: “to love another person is to see the
face of God.” 

geeksforever27 says:

I’m sorry but I’m already sick of this Robin Williams fever. I loved his
movies and shows but why does he get so much attention when other
celebrities who die and are just as good of actors as him get no attention.
that’s just how I feel about this but he will be missed.

slug237711 says:

*sigh*… another Robin Williams tribute and not one mention of Rainbow
Randolph. Like seriously? That’s his best role, and yet I’m the only person
who knows about it! I suppose I should feel glad that I’m the only guy
who knows about it, but when you know something awesome, you usually want
to share it XD And no one else knows about this character.

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