A Million Ways To Die In The West movie review

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Seth Macfarlane brings us his 2nd feature film set in the “wild west”….it could be a fun ride, if it’s not a completely boring mess of misfires. Jeremy reviews “A Million Ways to Die in the West”!

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John Tortorella says:

This movie wasn’t great but its still a million times better than what that
fraud Adman Sandler has put out in last couple of years.

JeremyJahns says:
TheFearI95 says:

This is the End…
I swear, I laughed once, that movie was pretty aweful…

Nels Danburg says:

For me, Jack and Jill isn’t just the WORST comedy movie I have ever seen.

Freddy Got Fingered, Grown-Ups 2, and Norbit are also pretty big pieces of
horse crap!

GamerOfChaos says:

I actually really liked the movie. Normally I totally agree with you, I
guess this is that one time I disagree. XD

Timber Humphrey says:

after loving Ted, i really wanted to like this movie. but Seth MacFarlane
just went way too far with it, so i was disappointed. let’s just see how
Ted 2 turns out

Benny Majestic says:

My friends told me that the movie Pitch Perfect was the female equivalent
of The Hangover.

I only laughed once, and that was when Adam DeVine (best character in the
movie, btw) threw the burrito (or whatever it was) at Fat Amy. 

TheSniperMAJOR says:

Why is every movie reviewer bitching about this movie. I saw it 3 times now
and I still find it awsome. Acutally I like it more than Ted and a as much
as Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy.

alan lam says:

Yea seth bitches too much in this movie

Keith Harris says:

Best Back to the Future reference EVER! Other than that, Liam Neeson and
the occasionally funny death scenes were the only things I found good about
this movie. Ted was much better, to me, though not enough that I would want
a sequel.

Laz says:


Eddy W says:

I don’t think he’s actually seen the movie, because the way he described
the story was absolutely wrong and only the bits you see in the trailer.
Also the movie is hilariously funny

Leo Edwards says:

It was like watching family guy

WeLikeSportz says:

This movie wasn’t great but it was better than Ted.

Overall it was pretty bad but some bits made me laugh. I liked the no
smiling in photos joke.

DjVader112 says:

its a seth macfarlane movie its supposed to be a mess that’s why people
likes it,this guy reviews it like it’s supposed to be groundbreaking

InfinateDominance says:

Step Brothers is so overrated its not even funny. Everyone says its the
funniest movie ever but it really wasn’t that great at all IMO. I kind of
chuckled once or twice and that was about it. I thought this movie was
decent though, but i do get the point about Mcfarlane being a drag after

darksideofevil13 says:

I know I’m gonna get hate for this but…..I didn’t like The Lego Movie.
Until this day I still don’t get why people love it so much. I also didn’t
care for Pineapple Express. Another loved one.

Epic8bitGuy says:

i think the worst comedy ive ever seen has to be Tammy

aaron folder says:

Just watched this on HBO and I agree with you this movie sucked

Chris Westergaard says:

The moustache song and that lil cameo were the best parts hands down!

deathskilledreaper says:

Disappointing comedy? How about NOT disappointing comedy that was ACTUALLY
funny. Just about every comedy that was in theatres for the past 2 years
has not had me rolling in the isles as expected. Any Damn spoof comedy
movie qualifies. Scary movie style horror flicks are the worst offenders. I
have spent entire movies without a good hearty laugh and that’s
inexcusable. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m only gonna watch action movies
in theatres. At least most of them are entertaining and they have more
funny in them than most of the comedies nowadays. It’s a sad sad day when
the cheesy comedy in action movies can make you laugh harder than the
movies actually trying to be funny.

GeorgeofTheConcreteJungle says:

I remember getting up and leaving, this movie was that bad. I’ve never done
that, luckily for me security was not so tight and I sneaked in to see Xmen
days of future past which was awesome. 

okrajoe says:


mama tranks says:

It was funny as fuck , I don’t think this guy likes family guy.

Madd Mex says:

This movie has some laughs but the majority of the jokes are obnoxious.
And to all people commenting on bad comedy movies ….yes there are way too
many, just pick one by Adam Sandler (other than Happy Gilmore) ALL this
moron’s movies are total garbage. 

doddi1984 says:

This movie is Dogshit!!!!

karkerachael551199 says:

anchorman 2 was a real disappointment.

Xanegoh says:

the people disappointed with this movie are the people who thought this
movie was gonna be high brow comedy with smart jokes. you are just
disappointing yourselves.

Jason Wood says:

Probably one of the worst movies ever not funny at all don’t think I
laughed one time. Waste of time 

Alex Magos says:

I Loved Doc Brown’s Cameo =D

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