300: Rise of an Empire: Eva Green Official Movie Interview

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Onmysheet says:

She’s was the only reason the film was worth watching, and she herself
knows it.

Pitbull82 says:

She is so hot in the movie! The rough sex scene, Wooooh! If your junk
didn’t wiggle just a little bit during that scene, you may want to get your
testosterone checked lol! All jokes aside, great actress, beautiful woman! 

bloomdoom13 says:

i was bored so i counted how many times she said ”you know”
1st question: 5 times
2nd question: 8 times
3rd question: 9 times
4th question: 1 time
5th question: 1 time

loserhaha1118 says:

commander of the navy but sea sickness! how ironic

Vaaman Burr says:

With some bulking up, she could have EASILY been Wonder Woman. What a
missed opportunity.

thifa davis says:

i like her boobs

Larry Bird Dumaran says:

I love you eva green!. :)

Rosy Bermudez says:

Lov3 her too

Remtluangi Renthlei says:

Really love eva green :) and her rings too :D :D ;D 

Larry Bird Dumaran says:

I love you eva green!. :)

Dave Douchebag Antics says:

I like when she says, “I looked like a dinosaur.” 

Dani DarkII says:

Her mum’s french

djavi90 says:

wish i had a girlfriend like her! :P

troyex2010 says:

This woman is not only gorgeous, she sounds so passionate about her work
and answers all the questions cleverly..she is not the typical pompous
bimbo…..man I could listen to her all day and never get bored….and that
accent, I would be a toy in her hands hahaha

epiplo saloni says:

how many times does she say “you know”…?

The Mighty Dr Octagon says:

Her in film story was so sad. But she is sooooo epic 

Pía Cozzi says:


Nine Layers of Cake says:

Ahuuu Ahuuu Ahuuu !!!

L Y R I L L says:

it’s fwoooo, it’s wooo.. lawl. is this like after having sex.

also what she had theater education? i thought she had adult actor training


Another great brit actress and if anyone can shake off her 007 girl image
then its this amazing woman! She is gorgeous, talented and her eyes are so
striking and intense! This girl could be on the verge of something special
i feel!

Dani DarkII says:

Persans she’s French and British too

ScreenSlam says:
PurushaDesa says:

Look at those massive, heavy rings she’s wearing! For wrapping on the
skulls of the disobedient!

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