22 Jump Street: Jimmy Tatro “Rooster” Behind the Scenes Movie Interview

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blexicanchronicles says:

Jimmy should have totally played as one of the frat kids in neighbors 

Curtis Jay says:

I fucking met him at a secluded jungle in MADAGASCAR, WHAT A DICK!!! 

666GrizzlyBeast says:

I met him in NY aswell by an orphange just randomly spitting on children.He
has a dick

TrickWithAKnife says:

I dicked him at the NY Mets. Wait, am I doing this right?

Michael Chait says:

Met him in NY at a bar. Huge asshole which was really weird. Thought he was
joking with his behavior because he was just sitting there alone hanging
out…but I guess he wanted to chill by himself. Really weird guy. Videos
are pretty funny though.

Dylan Pemberton says:

I met this guy in Zimbabwee, total dick he’s actually black too

Billy Jobilly says:


Skiddly Boop says:

Apparently I’m the only person in the comments who hasn’t met Jimmy. 

Bang Arang says:

I met him once when I was on Jupiter and he was a massive dick

Will Smith says:

i actually met him at my house. he was having sex with my mom. i walked in
and i was like oh hey jimmy ur vids are funny and he came on my face

jestes7 says:

I met this guy in NYC at a bar and he has a dick.

rastaziggy81 says:

I also met him when I was on holiday in America. I said what’s up Jimmy I
love your work and he looked at me like I was scum. He’s an asshole

Serge Da EMT says:

I met Jimmy in Arizona State, he was a nice guy. 

Jon D says:

Met this guy on mars total dick

Corin Clement says:

I met Jimmy once, oh wait no I didn’t because I don’t give a fuck about
comment likes

Rooboppable says:

Wait so is it funny? or really funny?

Deshawn Lts says:

Damn last week i saw Jimmy and i will probably never seen him again

Killsomecero says:

my boy jimmy growin up so fast :-*(

Clouder66 says:

I recently met him in NYC, he sucked me off in an alleyway. really nice

Manuel Castro says:

met this guy in vegas he was such a dick

Paul Ko says:

I met this bar in guy at a dickhead and he was a NYC… #trustory
#everyoneinthecommentistellingthetruth #notreally
#imsurejimmydoesntcareifwethinkhe’sadickornot #longhashtagtags

Nigel Lyon says:

Saw this guy’s real life dick. Am I doing this correctly? 

mikecustoms says:

I met this guy in Mexico when he came to my house, total dickhead, like

Hayley Lim says:


txjj dynamic says:

His voice doee

BrianA21 says:

i met this guy on uranus, such an ass.

Yoni Dizzter says:

i met this guy before at an airport in ny, Total prick, hes as stuck up as
justin beiber!~

Jordan Burrell says:

Met this guy before Christmas, he came early… What a dick.

ChocolateBlitz says:

All this deep character description coming from his is funny

Jack O says:

met this guy on the citadel total dick took all my meda gel

דיקאַרד קילע says:

met this bar at a dick. what a total NY.

tomofthet says:

i met this guy in chipotle and he said “pass me a straw” and i said “sure”

Lindsey Rose says:

I met Jimmy at a gay bar……if that doesn’t say dick then I don’t know
what does (;

iseybeauty says:

His voice thooooooo

Nick Staples says:

Considering 80% of the people in the comments are saying that they met him
im sure there are a few that could be fake…js.

MrOverSuper says:

i too have heard that tatro is a fucking dickhead. but it seems pretty
obvious from his videos 

Micah Swenson says:

I met Jimmy in Alaska once. What a dick.

Carly Strangwick says:

met jimmy in ny was really nice!

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